Lampedusa, the transfer chaos continues. Macron speaks of European solidarity: “We will not leave Italy alone”

Lampedusa – Now I 500 That migrants which are located at Kala Pisa, under the supervision of the carabinieri, waiting to board the ship “Paolo Veronese”, which will take them to Pozzallo nel Ragusano. The situation in Lampedusa, where the maximum capacity of the hotspot has reached seven thousand people, remains critical, and the wait for the green light to travel creates additional inconveniences, including crowds of people in the sun and new landings. Previously, another 500 people were successfully transported using a Navy ship. Cassiopeia directed CataniaAnd in 700 they took the regular ferry to Port Empedocles.

In the evening, another 200 migrants, already housed under the Red Cross tents located in the commercial port, will depart by regular ship. Kossirawho will arrive in Porto Empedocle tomorrow morning.

President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron he is the first to speak about the duty of European solidarity: “We will take a strict but compassionate approach. Our duty to all Europeans is not to leave Italy alone in the face of what it is going through.”he states Emmanuel Macron during a television interview in France, in response to questions about the migration crisis in Lampedusa, during a trip to Semur-en-Auxois. Macron emphasizes the importance of the “duty of European solidarity” in this situation. “Decisions will be made in cooperation with Italy”.

Meanwhile in France, the leader of the French Republicans invites Macron to “mobilize unprecedented civilian and military resources to protect the borders,” highlighting that “6,000 migrants have just landed in Europe. Tomorrow they will be at the gates of France,” writes Eric Ciotti on Twitter. The debate is already heated, even in Paris.

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