Lana Del Rey waitress behind counter at Waffle House, fans are applauding

American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey (38 years old) making coffee with the fan on and behind the counter waffle House, Set for a new video? of course not, it’s a sign Innocence To the people who work there. At least that’s what a comment at the bottom of the Instagram post says. rolling stone italywhich reads verbatim:

American singer-songwriter behind the counter at Waffle House (Instagram photo)

Lana Del Rey waitress?

“Imagine walking into an American Waffle House and finding Lana Del Rey behind the counter pouring you coffee. it really happened Alabama, where fans who recognized him went crazy. “At the moment we don’t know why Lana decided to wear a waitress uniform and tag to serve tables at the restaurant – the post continues – and honestly it doesn’t matter.

We love you, Lana.”

social feedback

“From what came out on Twitter from the fans who were there, they told me it was Al waffle House While eating and talking to the workers there (when they recognized her), she was given a uniform as a gift – she replies matref5 , He felt very invested in it and started helping the waiters and taking pictures with the fans.”

Lana Del Rey in Tuscany for ‘The First Summer’

phantom in tuscany

early July Lana Del Rey On the occasion of the concert the fans literally went crazy with the highly anticipated show at Bussoldomani in Lido di Camiore (Lucca) on Sunday 2nd July. first summer, signed by D’Alessandro and Galli. Following the great successes of the first two weekends, a special evening included in the running of the festival program brought thousands of people to the park just a short walk from the sea.

The date was revealed only a few days before the live, but the announcement was enough to prompt thousands of enthusiasts and fans from all over Italy to grab tickets for another special event recorded by the show. The Lido di Camiore exhibition remains at the moment the only Italian exhibition for international music stars.

return to italy

Lana Del Rey returned to Italy for the first time in 5 years and performed on the Bussoldomani stage. “I love Europe and after starring in Glastonbury I decided to do a few more shows in different countries before my show in London’s Hyde Park on July 9th – the artist’s words at the close of the announcement of his performance in London -; I can’t wait to see you all.”

American singer-songwriter turns 38

Lana Del Rey’s return to Italy 5 years after her last performance was a real event and the data speaks for itself: 9 albums released, 16 million records sold worldwide, five Grammy Award nominations between 2014 and 2020, two MTV Europe Music Awards and even a Golden Globe nomination for the song. Big eyes by Tim Burton.

Lana Del Rey is one of the most followed artists in the world. Thousands of tickets for the Italian date were sold out in a matter of hours, we are talking about more than 20 thousand coupons set aside for the evening: from the morning of Saturday 2 July, 36 hours before the concert, there were already a few dozen boys and girls camped out in front of the gate, watching with wonder the groups that flocked along Viale Kennedy to go to the beach.

In the afternoon, the line passed through Abetone, the street that passed behind the stage, where thousands of people waited to win entrance with a “privileged” seat to attend Lana’s Italian concert.

Who is he and his career in numbers

“I can’t wait to see you all,” declared the musician: 11 years after conquering the public born to Diealbum of blue jeans and summer bluesAmerican singer-songwriter returns to the stage do you know there is a tunnel under the sea blvsHis ninth disc Released last March.

With her new album Lana celebrates the beauty of life, candid and honest, and debuted in the top 10 best-selling albums in Italy. Also surprisingly, in May they released a new single say yes to heavenwas not included in the previous album, and that went viral TIC Toc,

Some more numbers: in his career he has sold more than 16 million albums, and over the years has received numerous awards, including six nominations at the Grammy Awards, one nomination at the Golden Globes. Young and beautifuland two MTV Music Awards.

The artist was born on June 21, 1985 in New York City, United States

in Europe

Lana Del Rey has publicly declared her love for Europe and after performing there glastonbury They decided to do a few more shows before their scheduled shows London, 9 July, Apart from the announcement of the show Bussoladomini Park in the Lido di Camiore on July 2ndDel Rey said she would be informed more dates soonTo the delight of the fan of the old continent.


Elizabeth Woolridge GrantSinger-songwriter Lana Del Rey’s birth name was 21 June 1985 In the United States, in New York City. she grew up Lake PlacidEven in Upper New York.

first step

In 2009, Starr, who was just making his debut in the music and record scene at the time, released the single kill kill with her birth name, lizzie grant, before switching to the stage name Lana Del Rey, more fitting of her image as a pop star and femme fatale. solo video ‘Video game’Posted on the net in August 2011, generated a lot of interest and was followed by a concert Grassland Gallery in Brooklyn In September of the same year.


In addition to her music career, Lana Del Rey has contributed to several successful big screen film soundtracks, including the great Gatsby of 2013, harmful 2014 and Big eyes of 2014, Has also collaborated with artists such as Del Rey weekend For stargirl interludealbum contains starboy of 2016with and born in the album blue madonna of 2018,

Her appearance as a waitress made her even more loved and appreciated by her fans.

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