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Lana Rhoades exposes Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant for a failed date


The adult film star did not reveal the name of the player but released a clue that led to the deduction that it was the star of the Brooklyn quintet.

Kevin Durant is in the postseason with the Brooklyn Nets (Getty Images)


Kevin Durant is in the postseason with the Brooklyn Nets (Getty Images)

After what Lana Rhoades reveal that he had a date with a player of the Brooklyn nets Without disclosing the name, he began an intense search to find the character of the NBA referenced by the adult film star, who also recently announced that she was pregnant.

The 24-year-old said that she had recently traveled to New York accepting the invitation of a Nets player, who had invited her and a group of her friends to a team game with special tickets at the Barcklays Center and later they went to a dinner. So far so good, although without revealing the name.

But nevertheless, Lana Rhoades intentionally or unintentionally he gave a clue that was quickly used to search for options. The actress revealed the zodiac sign of the player, who is Libra (born between September 16 and October 22). In this way, the discards began and he was left as the only candidate: Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant, who has not yet commented on this issue, is completely focused on the Brooklyn nets disputing the NBA Western Conference Semifinals before the Milwaukee bucks rival to which they are dominating in the series by 2-0.

“The date was very boring”

Lana Rhoades revealed the information while in a podcast called “3 girls and 1 kitchen”, in which he assured that the appointment with the mysterious player of the Brooklyn nets had been “very boring”. He also revealed that the player had invited another girl to the same date, something that had happened to him before.

“This date was really boring. Not to be obnoxious, but this guy didn’t click with me.”Rhoades commented, who later added: “It’s not spicy enough for me”. The truth is that it has been Kevin Durant, or any other Nets player was cut off trying to make a ‘Big 3’ with Lana Rhoades.

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