Lancôme x Louvre: new makeup collection

The dialogue between art and beauty, created between Lancôme and the Louvre, gives life to a limited collection inspired by sculptures of the past.

YouNo unprecedented collaboration between Lancôme and the Louvre: creative inspiration drawn directly from the museum’s collections, creating a dialogue between the nine selected sculptures and Global Ambassador beauty from the French House. What do they have in common? Like every statue that tells the story of its femininity, the Muses chosen by the brand also represent choices and values. So that the myth of the past can inspire the future.

Lancôme x Louvre: new beauty collection

On the one side Louvre, the most famous museum in the world, and on the other Lancome, leader of the French beauty house in the beauty sector. Thus, the meeting of these two institutions gives rise to unprecedented cooperation that draws on history to look into the future.

A creative journey through the centuries-old art history of the Louvre in search of the meaning of Beauty. through the stories of women who resonate in our time and who, regardless of eras, geography and culture of the modern world

The museum’s most iconic sculptures, from the Victory of Samothrace to the Venus de Milo, are combined with Global Ambassador brand, for create a dialogue between past and present.

Beauty is living art

“At Lancôme we believe that beauty is living artunderstood as a ritual experienced in its most intimate concept throughout history, which is a means of expressing oneself and one’s uniqueness, with constantly evolving codes – or better yet, without any code,” said Françoise Lehmann, President of the global brand Lancôme.

The main characters of the campaign are the ambassadors of the house: Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Aya Nakamura and model He Kong (Photo: Lancôme).

“Our collaboration with Lancôme highlights the diversity of forms of beauty present in the Louvre collections: a dialogue between cultures and civilizations that transcends time and space. Ambassadors such as the Venus de Milo, the Scorpio Nymph and Diana Gabi have a lot to tell us,” continued Laurence De Cars, Director of the Louvre.

Thus, art reminds us that we belong to something greater than ourselves, and that Beauty transcends aesthetics, expressing itself in a unique and inimitable way in each of us.

Each goddess has her own form

For this new collaboration, Lancôme sought creative inspiration by drawing directly from the collections of the Louvre. In particular, nine sculptures were chosen that could communicate with modern women: Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, Corinne, Diana of Gabia, Scorpio Nymph, Echo, Hygeia, Hermaphrodite and Venus of Arles.

In front of the sculptures Lancome Ambassador (Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Aya Nakamura and model Hee Kon) they express the beauty reflected in a work of art that moves them.. Strong, wild, but at the same time attractive, radiant, brilliant independent beauty.

Zendaya chose Victory in Samothrace (Photo: Lancôme)

“The victory of Samothrace is a harbinger of victory. Her pose is the expression of a confident and victorious woman. A powerful symbol of success. And that’s the real beauty: using our history gives us wings. A way to take control of your destiny,” Zendaya said.

Lancôme x Louvre: limited edition collection

Lisa Eldridge turns art into color, Creative Director of Lancôme MakeUp who created a collection including eye patches, 4 shades of L’Absolu Rouge Drama Matte lipstick and skin care product.

There Richelieu Wing Palette “Corinna” with natural and poetic shades, it is inspired by the magical light of the Richelieu Gallery and enlivened by technology that guarantees greater chromatic impact and sublimated brilliance.

Each shade is named after a different part of the Richelieu wing and surrounding areas.; of eyeshadows in peridot inspired by Cours Pugetto light copper Cours Carre; marble tone Kur Marley, to the pink hue of the Royal Palace. On the other hand, the packaging is inspired by the white marble sculptures.

The limited-edition Lancôme x Louvre collection consists of an eye palette, four lipsticks and a Génifique serum.

To make lips tell the mythical stories of Antiquity, Lancôme, in collaboration with the Louvre, creates L’Absolu Rouge collection from red to nude, inspired by the four muses. selected from the museum’s works.

In the end, cult serum Genific from Lancôme inspired by the goddess Hygia., a symbol of well-being and the inspiration for Lancôme’s advanced skin health formula. Génifique’s trio of revitalizing ingredients, consisting of vitamin Cg, hyaluronic acid and 10% prebiotic Bifidus, are formulated to restore skin’s radiance.


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