Lancôme X Louvre: when beauty takes the form of art

The female figure with its curves, beauty and strength has always inspired everyone artistic expressionfrom painting to sculpture by ancient and modern artists.

The collection was born from this common understanding and the unique interaction of two French institutions synonymous with excellence. Lancome X Louvre.

the most famous museum in the world And house of beauty they undertook together creative journey which spans the centuries and which, from some of the most famous statues admired in Paris, reaches the muses of the brand, creating a unique a woman’s vision that goes beyond aesthetics and is realized as an individual, but at the same time as a collective force. Independent, indomitable and therefore attractive beauty.

“At Lancôme we believe that beauty is a living art, understood as a ritual experienced in its most intimate concept throughout history, that it is a means of self-expression and one’s uniqueness with constantly evolving codes – or, better yet, without any code. “, he emphasizes Françoise Lehmann, President of the global brand Lancôme.

So, in a video introducing the limited edition, the world’s ambassadors Zendaya, Amanda Seyfried, Aya Nakamura and He Kong they quickly walk through the halls of the Louvre and meet Venus de Milo, Victory of Samothrace, Diana of Gabia, Scorpio Nymph, Corinna, Echo, Hygeia, Venus of Arles and Hermaphrodite. And they talk to them.

While for Zendaya, Samothrace’s Victory Pose demonstrates that she was a confident and victorious woman, according to Amanda Seyfried, Gabi’s Diana has a beauty that is “delicate yet powerful.” The more you look at her, the more you realize that she is a wild, fierce, fearless goddess. Declaring her independence: that’s the beauty of it.”

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