Lara Chamandi explains: “Crystals inspire my life and my creations”

Lara Chamandi has signed with a “spiritual luxury brand inspired and driven by the Moon”. Crystal details can often be found in her eco-friendly and nature-related clothing, and on the night of the new moon, she revealed to us how crystals are activated and how they are used for energy and good mood.

A conversation with Lara Chamandi is an experience that can instill peace and serenity, because with her sweet smile she speaks of nature and fashion, crystals and feminine power. She explains that her clothes are spiritual jewelry that can enhance femininity and make the wearer feel better, almost like amulets, also thanks to the crystals she inserts as details such as pendants or brooches. A deep connoisseur of crystal therapy, on a special evening she revealed to us how the crystals are activated: they are washed with running water and then left in the water overnight – not on any night, but when the new moon comes out – in a position where they can be illuminated by moonlight. From the next morning, the crystal is ready and active to always carry it with you by drinking the water that contains it, rich in positive energies. I followed the procedure literally and you may be doing it too soon: in fact, the new moon in Leo will come on August 16th.. In the meantime, you can find out in our interview a spiritual brand founded by a creative to give women the energy they need to achieve their goals…under the sign of the Moon.

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You are from Lebanon, born in Abu Dhabi, living between the UK and Italy… How do all these international influences affect your lifestyle and understanding of fashion?

Born to a Lebanese family and raised in Abu Dhabi, I have traveled the UK and Italy, infusing my life and fashion with a variety of influences. As a Lebanese living abroad, my roots and ancient civilizations add mysticism and spirituality to my philosophy and projects.

My lifestyle reflects this cosmopolitan spirit, a free spirit that celebrates the beauty of different worlds, cherishing the universal thread that binds us all. This philosophy is reflected in the sustainable aspect of my brand, while I accept the responsibility of being a citizen of the worldfeeding our planet as a collective home.

Just as my life path spans a wealth of different horizons, my understanding of fashion is an ever-evolving dance of creativity that celebrates the endless kaleidoscope of human existence..

Considering these international influences, my fashion concept also transcends borders, connects cultures and celebrates diversity. Each creation becomes a passport to a global journey, combining heritage and modernity to create a captivating story about the divine feminine.

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How did your passion for fashion enter your life after interior design?
My entrepreneurial journey took a magical turn during my undergraduate studies in experimental furniture design. In 2017, I discovered a passion for developing plant-based leather-like material, which sparked my interest in sustainability and fashion research. Surprisingly, in 2018 sustainable fabrics were a relatively new phenomenon in the fashion world. With a vision of a conscious future, I created this all-vegetal EATHRA material as a sustainable alternative to skin-like plastic materials. At the same time I founded my own spiritual fashion brand in Milan, celebrating the beauty of women and adding healing elements to their wardrobe.

Since then, my entrepreneurial journey has always focused on inspiring and encouraging others to make informed choices, including in regards to fashion. My goal is to create a world where fashion and the well-being of the planet are in perfect harmony with each other, giving hope to women for generations to come.

You immediately set your brand in a sustainable way and often talk about nature: can you tell us about your relationship with natural elements?

In my mystical journey, I look for inspiration in all natural elements in a very broad sense, from the sky to the moon, to the stars, to nature. The cosmic embrace that unites us all brings our souls back to their original connection with our ancestors. I would like my brand to be a testament to the infinite beauty and cosmic importance of honoring the divine dance of nature.

The consciousness of nature has become a guiding constellation illuminating my path. Each piece of clothing is a love letter to Mother Earth and our divine women, woven from unearthly stories of sustainable fabrics and dyes. All nature and the cosmos, i.e. the constellations, the sky, the moon and stars, become blueprints for my drawings, and the colors imitate the shades of the nebulae, giving each creation a kind of cosmic majesty.

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When choosing materials, you prefer natural fibers: could you tell us more about how you choose materials?

Our creations are mainly made from natural materials, avoiding the use of fibers containing plastic. This choice is also the basis of our design process: we design a product thinking about the natural materials that we will use, and if we need certain characteristics and we cannot find them in an affordable natural fiber, then we develop it specifically together with an expert from Italy. weavers. For example, in our Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection, we have specially designed a fabric composed of viscose yarn blended with bio-based Lycra to increase its elasticity and create a compact “underwater” material (top part in the photo below).

You talk about fashion as a means of connecting with the universe and feeling joy: how do you create clothes that fulfill this somewhat magical task?

We are the first spiritual luxury brand inspired and guided by the Moon.

Our brand combines mysticism and spirituality, considering our products as bright sacred talismans of our days, imbued with the symbolism of nature, capable of healing, nourishing, protecting and bringing good luck to women. This is no longer a simple garment, but sacred jewelry that invites the wearer to rediscover their essence, their inner journey and their healing.

Every collection we create is inspired by certain cosmic elements. We carefully select fabrics, colors and symbols charged with the intention to evoke emotions and uplift the mood, each time associated with a certain natural element and energy.

The Fall Winter 2023 24 online collection is now inspired by the world of the dreamy cosmic planet Neptune, with the protagonist being an immortal celestial siren who draws us mortals with her luminous Piscean aspect back into the depths of the abyss to meet her. twin.

You always wear crystal rings and insert real stones into your creations: can you tell us about the power of crystals and how you use them in your life and in your collections?

crystals they have a magical charm, they inspire my life and my creations. Wearing crystal rings and incorporating real stones into our collections connects us directly to the energies of nature. Besides aesthetics, they remind us to stay grounded, balanced and mindful. Every piece we make becomes a vehicle for dreams, an invitation to charm and self-discovery, offering us a magical experience.

Incorporating crystals into my life and my creations is not a fad, but a way to connect with the natural world and harness the positive energies they have.

In my personal life, I often wear crystal rings or keep crystals close to me as tools to increase awareness, balance, and well-being. I believe that each crystal has its own unique energy and can bring us different aspects of life such as love, creativity, clarity and inner peace.

My goal is to create clothing that not only exudes elegance and sophistication, but also becomes a true vehicle for personal growth and spiritual connection for those who wear it. I believe fashion can be more than just an outward expression; it can also be a means of inner transformation and self-discovery.

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The natural elements that inspire you are also connected to the zodiac, one of your starting points for creativity: what sign are you?

As a fire sign Sagittarius, my creative spirit burns with passion and adventure. Like the flickering flames of a warm campfire, I am drawn to natural elements that reflect the courage and enthusiasm inherent in my zodiac sign. The fiery energy of Sagittarius ignites a sense of optimism in my creations, imbuing them with a dreamy and adventurous tone. Through my projects, I hope to ignite a spark of joy and inspiration in the hearts of those who meet them, inviting them to dream big and embrace the magic that lies within and beyond.

What crystal do you always carry with you? And what crystal do you propose to return after the holidays (it always seemed to me that the real New Year is September 1st, my birthday could be the 2nd …)?
I always have a collection of crystals from different parts of the world with me. I currently carry medium sized Clear Quartz with me to purify my aura, as well as Yellow Jasper which helps me maintain a positive outlook on life.

As a crystal suggestion for returning from vacation – and celebrating your birthday on September 2nd, happy birthday in advance – I recommend amethyst. It is believed to promote a sense of calm and balance, helping you smoothly transition from the hustle and bustle of the holidays to your regular routine. It also supports introspection and personal growth, making it an excellent choice as you enter the new solar cycle of your life.

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