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Yoselimar Gonzalez | Laura’s News – Venezuela bans production, sale and consumption e-cigarettes or e-cigarettesBut doctors and some organizations say the country needs a plan to tackle psychoactive substance addiction, especially among teenagers.

Gerardo Pastrán, Director of the Youth Mission Project (Projumi), In Venezuela, security forces need to monitor to prevent minors from vaping not only e-cigarettes or traditional cigarettes, but also alcohol.

It is necessary for them to incorporate traditional cigarettes within that regulation because they should not sell them to minors as it is harmful to their bodies‘ said Pastrand.

On Friday, LA PRENSA visited a shopping center east of Barquisimeto where e-cigarettes were sold, but the store was closed.

For pulmonologist María Gabriela Ghini, Vaping or vaping can cause respiratory infections and they have been reporting this for a while Until the Ministry of Health decided to ban it in the Official Gazette.

E-cigarettes have serious effects on the lungs.Some people use it to stop using traditional tobacco, but these e-cigarettes also contain nicotine and toxic substances“The doctor said.

A study by Projumi in 2022 shows that 55% of teenagers drink alcohol or smoke. Pastrand explained that he interviewed 220 minors, and the study showed that 121 of them started smoking or drinking heavily at an early age.

Some patients had Evali, a vaping-related disease that causes pneumonia, inflammation of the bronchial tubes, and vaping has also been linked to heart disease.said pulmonologist Joanna Santerez.

Doctors and organizations applaud the Venezuelan government’s new measures, but they also demand surveillance because it will encourage a black market, which will distribute the drugs e-cigarette As if it were a drug.

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