Lara Fabian confides on the day she almost died …


Sad story…

It was in 2013 that the Belgian-Canadian star revealed, on Quebec television, in the program Acces Limit, that she had to face a huge weight loss:  “It went up to 47- 48 kilos. I hid, I was only one face with two eyes “, she explained.

Moreover, this radical transformation almost cost him her life: “At one point, I had a heart attack. I fell to the ground. My heart no longer held the shock.” It was because of the horrific criticisms made to her by a loved one that Lara had allowed herself to lose weight in a violent way and it was when she wanted to give life that the main interested party had clicked and began to heal. 

“I accepted both faults and weaknesses. Of course, I am not a model, I do not have legs of 1.80m. But, as I get older, I have the impression of having harvested the best of what I could become. I accept myself as I am, with my imperfections “, even declared the artist who will make her return on TF1, last June, with her team, in an interview with our colleagues from Gala which she has already made the front page, naked. 

Lara Fabian has suffered many hard knocks, especially this time when she almost died. She confided “In 2001, I was on a flight from Milan to Hamburg. My whole team was on the plane and we were coming back from a transatlantic. There was a thunderstorm and the aircraft was struck by lightning. The captain turned everything off. She distributed bottles of alcohol and the hostess said to us: ‘I wish us good luck.’ “
On her beliefs, Lara Fabian explained: ” I have difficulty putting a word about this presence. I don’t know if it is God, Hashem, Allah, Ganesha … But I do know that there is something which is infinitely greater. “