laryngitis caused by air conditioner

I don’t usually suffer from throat problems, but when I worked at a magazine, in a smart building that was supposed to regulate its own temperature, I took one every summer. air conditioner laryngitis This leaves me almost speechless. This hasn’t happened to me since I’ve been working from home. The air conditioning equipment that helps us cope with hot weather can have negative health effects, especially on the respiratory tract, if used incorrectly.Such is the memory of the ENT Service of the University Hospital of Torrejón, which also provides some Tips to prevent a sore throat from using your air conditioner.

In the words of Dr. Lorena Sanz, Head of the Otorhinolaryngology Department at the University Hospital of Torrejón: “Pharyngitis and laryngitis are increasingly common summer diseases due to temperature variations between enclosed spaces, high street temperatures and abuse of air use. Air conditioning “.

According to the hospital, nearly half of households in Spain have air conditioning, and the proportion is even higher in regions with the highest summer temperatures, offices, official territories, medical centers, transport and other public places. space.

According to the Spanish Society of Respiratory and Thoracic Surgery, “up to 20% of catarrh, laryngitis, pharyngitis or bronchitis occur during summer due to improper use of air conditioning”.

Why does air conditioning affect the throat so much?

The cold air disrupts the natural defense system of the nose and throat, making the environment very dry, which in turn leads to dry nose and throat mucous membranes, skin and eyes (if you work with the air conditioner on all day, it is convenient to use eye drops to moisturize your eyes).

As the doctor explains, air conditioning affects the respiratory and immune systems because “refrigerating appliances expel the cold, causing changes in the natural defenses of the nose and throat, causing the cilia to lose their mobilization, and the normal circulation of the mucous membranes to slow down or even stop altogether. A cold, dry environment favors irritation of the mucous membranes and pharynx, dries out the throat and can lead to inflammation of the pharyngeal tissues leading to granulation of the back wall of the throat »

The most common case is pharyngitis (swelling of the upper part of the throat) and laryngitis (inflammation of the lower part of the throat, where the vocal cords are), but misuse of air conditioners can also cause sinusitis and otitis media, and in the worst cases, throat infections from air conditioners can lead to bronchitis or pneumonia.

The most common symptoms of laryngitis Air conditioner pharyngitis Throat clearing, dryness and burning sensation, and persistent irritating cough,

As the Spanish Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (SEORL-CCC) explains on its website, these two conditions are usually treated with anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or pain relievers such as paracetamol and usually do not cause problems.But if the sore throat does not improve within three days, especially if the sore throat radiates to the ear, or if the hoarseness or hoarseness does not heal within two weeks, it is advisable to consult a doctor

Tips to Prevent Throat Problems Caused by Air Conditioning

  • Keep the temperature between 22 and 26 degrees
  • Regularly clean the air conditioner filter
  • Do not point air directly at the body
  • To relieve a dry environment, use a humidifier in your home or office.
  • Be careful with your car’s air conditioning as its effects are very close and immediate. To reduce the temperature of your car, I recommend you to read the article “Tips to Cool Your Car Quickly”
  • The rooms of the house are well ventilated
  • Avoid smoking indoors, tobacco smoke can also irritate the throat of passive smokers.
  • Drink lots of water.

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