Last minute live broadcast of Russia-Ukraine war

Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council said the “large dose” of Western military aid to Ukraine has “fundamental flaws”

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC), published a commentary in the Ukrainian media “Ukraine Pravda” on Saturday afternoon to address what he believed was the West’s use of military aid to Ukraine. Problems with planning and delivery. .

“Russia and its ruling clique do not understand any other language except force and weapons. Therefore, (Zelensky’s) peace formula turned into a weapons formula. The sooner Ukraine gets enough modern weapons,” Danilov said , the sooner we can restore peace, the safer it will be for Europe and the world. “

In particular, the secretary of the National Development Council expressed dismay at the Western practice of delivering military aid to Ukraine in batches, using a series of colorful analogies from the fields of medicine and sports to illustrate his case.

“Sending large doses of military aid to Ukraine out of fear of angering Putin and triggering further escalation is fundamentally wrong (…) When emergency surgery is needed, medication should not be resorted to (…) What everyone is looking forward to Sprint races are being replaced by obstacle courses, and there are different rules and requirements for athletes’ physical condition and training,” Danilov lamented.

Danilov also accused certain unnamed Western politicians and media of launching what he saw as a campaign to sway public opinion against Ukraine’s continued military support.

“The decision to support Ukraine and condemn Russia rests with many politicians on both sides of the world who still do not want to know or refuse to believe what Ukrainians know (…) Therefore, “realize that at the turning point, there are signs that A certain media campaign is influencing public opinion in this direction,” Danilov continued.

Danilov suggested taking “political responsibility” for the consequences of post-liberation militarized Russia on the world, which he described as a cancer that “recurred in a worse form, metastasized and spread throughout the body.”

“Does anyone think it’s possible to negotiate with a cancerous tumor?” Danilov scoffed.

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