Last Night in Soho (Thriller/Horror, 2021) : Movie Review

Last Night in Soho, a fascinating genre of horror that captivates even the least fans of the genre.

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Titulo Original: Last Night in Soho
Director: Edgar Wright
Cast: Thomasin McKenzie, Anya Taylor-Joy, Matt Smith, Diana Rigg, Rita Tushingham, Sinov Carlsson
Duration: 116 minutes
Release Date (Cinema): November 4, 2021 / (Streaming)
Distributor: (Movies) Universal Pictures / (Streaming) Amazon Prime Video


From cinema I learned that fashion and madness are an inseparable pair.

Without going too far in time, it’s enough for me to think about that illusory world the devil Wears Prada Of David Frankelin which Andy Sachs ,Anne Hathaway), aspiring journalist size 42, finds herself submerged after receiving the coveted position Tyrant Miranda Priestly’s second assistant ,Meryl Streep), editor of fashion magazine runway,

girls who don’t eat food And anxiously waiting for the colitis to shrink in size, dress code impossible to answer the phone, desk planting Even the most serious emergency rooms have a high risk of cystitis.

In short, AllFrom a frenzy for perfection to a self-referential attention to detail, looks insane,

and it doesn’t get better than By-product Disney House.

In Cruella Of Craig Gillespie Youth Estella/Cruella Miller ,Emma Stone) presents since childhood a Personality Disorders ,I leave it to you to guess whether it is bipolar or, possibly schizophrenia) joinedlove of fashion, As an adult this obsession, with increasing insanity, does not subside. In fact, it intensifies with some diabolical stripes,

This fashion goes hand-in-hand with the craziness, also demonstrated by Disney’s contemporary film Cruella: last night in soho (Last Night in Soho) by edgar wrightAvailable on Amazon Prime Video.

Thomasin McKenzie in a scene from the film Last Night in Soho. Photo: Courtesy of Focus Features.

British director brings to the stage a hybrid filmgive him dramatic notes more stressed by some supernatural elements and from typical thriller twist,

this is a Perfectly balanced cocktail with more than satisfying flavor what we are served RightAlmost Like the Very Dear Vesper by Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy,

Last Night in Soho begins as a Bildungsroman and at first it deceives us posing as one of many motivational comedies,

The ingredients are all there.

the protagonist is clearly the same talented young lady of the provinces The fashionista who leaves the countryside to try her luck London College of Fashion in the great city of London. To make his picture more compassionate, girl has no parentsBut lives with grandmother.

there is also pseudo rivalthe roommate jocasta ,sinov carlson) who puts immediately talked to eloise turner about work ,thomasin mackenzie), this is the name of the hero, which makes him feel scarce And sideline him student from the rest of the residence, so as to induce him to seek other accommodation.

But it’s from here by the abandonment of the student residence by Eloise An old woman had rented her a room near the market place in Gudge Place Street turning point and our movie simple teen drama it transforms respectively in a horror movie,

In fact, in this new arrangement Eloise begins to dream of Sandy, an aspiring singer who occupied that position in the 60s.

Anya Taylor-Joy is Sandy in the film Last Night in Soho. Credits: Parisa Taghizadeh / Focus Features.

Sandylike an alter ego, begins to occupy more and more of Eloise’s thoughtswho goes from identity to sharing in the events of the unfortunate singer he becomes helpless bystander,

Self in the beginning Introducing Sandy in Dreamland it benefits creativity girl’s outfit designerslowly girl he becomes a victim of his own dreams Which leads him to a shocking discovery that puts his life at risk.

Although I am not a fan of the horror genre (And at first I was very scared to watch this movie, I found Last Night in Soho to be a very entertaining film, divine That’s it intentionally not very believable and stereotypical letting go of fear and appreciating them for who they are, even in a coward like me Strong point of staging

Firstly the setting is in the famous red light district of London. Soho.

Red is a color that constantly returns in the film: from the light of a signal that lights up Eloise’s room intermittently throughout the night, to the color of Sandy’s dress when she is first forced into prostitution, to the blood oozing from the wounds of the actual characters.

Too change between two time planesemphasizing the connection between the 60s and the present two heroesSandy and Eloise, who overlap at certain times in a beautiful game of mirrorsMakes the story very original and compelling.

A scene from Last Night in Soho. Photo: Focus Features.

Ahead, The cast is more than impeccable, From Diana Rigg (Agent 007 in the guise of the Bond Girl – In the Service of Her Majesty and Olenna Tyrell in the Game of Thrones series), Eloise’s tenant, in the guise of the ruthless and mysterious Alexandra Collins, who disappeared shortly after completing filming; To Matt Smith (Doctor Who, The Crown, House of the Dragon) as Sandy’s manager-boyfriend, Jack; To Terence Stamp (Three Steps in Delirium, Theorem, Wall Street) as Lindsey, an elderly patron of the pub where Eloise works.

but the best is in choice of two heroes, thomasin mackenzie And Anya Taylor-Joy, The former, with her childish beauty and apparent childish attitude, forms a perfect counterpoint to the graded sexuality of the latter.

If McKenzie she is good, There taylor-joy once again brilliant, nobody sees Anya During filming, but only his character. Beautiful and proud Sandy.

She is the winning artist of the film. The character that remains imprinted in the mind even after darshan.

So, in my opinion, Ultima Notte is a Soho, truly an unforgettable filmwhich under the title of horror-thriller, there’s a caveat hidden in it Which should force us to think even today.

Beware of those who promise us easy and effortless fame, because it is just as easy to lose yourself.

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