Last summer, Lino Guanciale and Filippo Scotti starred in the new Sky Original series, released on October 6th.

90s, summer, World Cup, summer love. And again phone booths, hikes with friends, games of “break seven”… until the girl disappears into thin air. A mystery that takes place between the 90s and the present, as well as fun and a lot of nostalgia are the ingredients of the new series. Heavenly original Summer agoproduced by Sky Studios and Fabula Pictures, which opens today. official trailer.

Heroes Linen pillow AND Filippo Scottiwho lead a cast of Italian talent in a generation-transforming thriller directed by Davide Marengo AND Marta Savina. The series will air exclusively on Sky and will be streaming NOW only from 6 October.

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In the cast along with Lino Guanciale and Filippo Scotti. Claudia Pandolfi, Antonia Fotaras, Paolo Pierobon, Martina Gatti, Anna Ferzetti, Tobia De Angelis, Orlando Cinque, Luca Vannuccini, Sofia Iacuitto, Nicole Grimaudo, Alessio Pratico, Alessio Piazza, Francesco Della Torre, Giovanni De Giorgi, Orlando Five, Giovanni Buselli, Giulio Tropea, Luciano Scarpa, Giulio Turbulent, Denis Fasolo, Ginevra Francesconi, Massimo De Santis, Massimo Daiuto.


Linen pillow (Red door, Commissioner Ricciardi, Survivors) plays Elio, a fifty-year-old guy whose life seems ideal, with a wonderful family and a job as a lawyer. When the body of Arianna, the girl he had a crush on as a teenager, is found, he will be taken back to the summer of 1990 when she mysteriously disappeared during a camping trip with his friends and him (in this line, Storm played by Filippo Scotti – It was the hand of God) was found in a confused state, with no memory of what happened.

More than 30 years later, the police find Arianna’s body, and forensic experts have no doubt: the girl did not die by accident, she was killed, and Elio tops the list of suspects. Shocked by the discovery, Elio gets into a car accident, loses consciousness and wakes up in 1990, in the camping infirmary. He’s 18 again, but the consciousness of an adult… is this a dream? Has his memory finally returned or is he going crazy? He only knows that very soon someone in this camp will kill Arianna. He feels the need to do something, but his thoughts keep moving through time, between now and 1990. Trying to find out what really happened to Arianna and exonerate himself from the accusation that he was the one who killed her, Elio will have to conduct an investigation between the past and the present, which for him may also hide the hope of changing the situation and saving her. .

Summer ago is a Sky Original series produced by Sky Studios and Fabula Pictures, directed by Davide Marengo and Marta Savina, created by Michele Alberico and Massimo Bacchini and written by Valerio Cilio, Federico Favot, Michele Alberico and Massimo Bacchini. The original soundtrack was written by Michele Braga.

ONE SUMMER AGO | Exclusive on Sky from 6 October and streaming only on NOW..

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