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The line of the last one that classifies the South American Conmebol 2022 is drawn with 49 points and the rojiblanco team of Gustavo Munúa was left with 44. Although there are four dates left, the chances are reduced if he does not win at the Viaduct.

Running for a dream. The particular celebration of one of the goals of the players of Unin on April 15, something that finally did not reach against Defense and Justice. Now, visiting Arsenal this Thursday, it only serves him to win and return to Santa Fe with the three points. Credit: Pablo Aguirre

Thursday against Arsenal last train to the Cup for Union from Sarand Station The line of the last one that classifies the South American Conmebol 2022 is drawn with 49 points and Gustavo Munúa’s rojiblanco team was left with 44. Although there are four dates to go, the chances if you don’t win at the Viaduct. The line of the last one that classifies the South American Conmebol 2022 is drawn with 49 points and the rojiblanco team of Gustavo Munúa was left with 44. Although there are four dates left, the chances are reduced if he does not win at the Viaduct.

The last train to the 2022 South American Cup will depart for the Union of Uruguayan Gustavo Munúa this Thursday, from hour 17, at Sarandí Station, more specifically at the Julio Humberto Grondona stadium in Arsenal. Is that after the incredible 2-3 defeat against Defense and Justice at the April 15 stadium, Tate was left hanging from the calculations thinking about an international ticket for next year.

With four dates from the end and with 12 points at stake, the fight to access the South American Cup is exciting: with Boca (leaves a vacant place if they access the Libertadores) and Banfield already classified for the Diego Maradona Cup, Estudiantes, Lanús, Independent, Defense and Justice and Gymnastics are the others that are entering at this time. The “Lobo” surpassed Racing in the table with its victory in the form of a thrashing against Talleres de Córdoba.

Of course, “La Academia” would still keep its place if Talleres or Boca win the Copa Argentina and release places down the table. In that case, Argentinos (45), Huracán (45), Central (45), Unión (44) and even the defeated Godoy Cruz (42) are also waiting to find a little place in the next continental club competition such as the South American Cup 2022.

For all these theoretical calculations to win “reality”, Union must win several of these four games that remain until the end. And the first step is at the Sarandí Station, at the Julio Humberto Grondona stadium, against a rare team from the Viaduct: the time he won he was left without a coach, because Israel Damonte decided to slam the door after joy in front of Newell’s, he left the bench empty and now “Cafú” Espínola is in his place trying as interim DT to get the boat afloat.

With the confirmed loss of Fernando “Cuqui” Márquez (he did not recover), with Claudio Corvalán also “almost out” and with two players “touched” (the all-camper Nardoni and the Punta Luna Diale), the Uruguayan international Gustavo Munúa will stretch until minutes before the appointed time this Thursday (17) the official Union payroll in Julio Humberto Grondona. The missionary Portillo is “fixed” in terms of his return to eleven, but it would not be the only modification that the Uruguayan coach makes.

Starting to put the ball in the front arc and avoiding his own scoring are the objectives for Tate in the face of what is coming. Here is an alarming fact: in this 26-team tournament, the defense of Unión is among the six that suffered the most goals (in 21 games, the rojiblancos of López and Planes received 30 goals).

The team with the most goals in the tournament is Atlético Tucumán with 35 goals; Lanús and Aldosivi from Mar del Plata follow with 33 units; Rosario Central has 32 and Patronato de Paraná, with one more game, also 32. Union appears there with those 30 goals against that hurt. Therefore, the first objective in Sarandí is that Moyano does not look for her so often inside his arc.

And then, of course, is that this arrival generator plant, goes from the situations wasted by Union to the goals that have been made. Once and for all. Only in this way will he be able to hope to win, climb the accumulated table and grow in the cupbearer’s dream. With 12 to play and that line of 49 points to the last to qualify, Tate will have to “win or win.” But this time not as an “armed” phrase but as something urgent and necessary. The last train to the Cup leaves from the Sarandí Station. There is no more time to stare from the platform.

Later, Monday 29

After visiting the Sarandí Viaduct on the Arsenal field this Thursday at 5:00 p.m., Unión will play home again on Monday, November 29. He will do it from 5:00 p.m., at the rojiblanco stadium April 15, in front of Atlético’s Tucumán.

The history of the “Ass” and the “Tate”

Arsenal and Unión de Santa Fe met 32 ​​times, 19 in the Promotion and 13 in the First Division. Arsenal won 10 games (30 goals), Union won 9 games (29 goals) and 13 were draws. On the ascent, Arsenal won 4 matches (12 goals), Union won 7 matches (19 goals) and 8 tied. In First, Arsenal won 6 games played, scored 18 goals and Unión won 2 games with 10 goals and 5 ended tied.

The gallery of the players with two shirts: Rubén Darío “plumero” Gómez, Rubén Alberto “Doctor” Urquiza, Alejandro Oscar Limia, Juan Pablo Avendaño, Martín Andrizzi, Andrés San Martín, Luciano Félix Leguizamón, Adrián Hernán González, Andrés Franzoia, Fausto Montero, Sebastián Palacios, Brahian Aleman, Nicolás Correa, Luciano Vella, Yeimar Gómez Andrade, Jonathan Bottinelli, Franco Fragapane, Claudio Corvalán, Federico Milo, Juan Manuel “Juanchón” García, among others. As DT of both clubs Roberto “Pipo” Ferreyro. Facundo Sava and Pablo “Pomelo” Marini were Arsenal players and Union coaches.

“Cafú” Espínola by Damonte

After Arsenal’s bad image against Independiente and in the previous one with Newell’s, the coach had already warned, under his breath, that winning or losing was his last game and it was. After the triumph with Leprosy, Damonte did not want to speak to the press and submitted his resignation. A decision that, according to the Arsenal leadership, was first reported to a journalist friend of a large media outlet, and then to them. Clearly Damonte’s actions bothered a lot.

However, in the Arsenal world almost anything can happen, starting from an assembly that was held and hardly anyone found out. From Damonte’s environment, they commented that he did not like anything that has already been spoken with another DT to replace him, Marcelo Vázquez, (former Students of Rio Cuarto). Although from the club they stated that this was not the case and that he resigned for other reasons, one of them, the one mentioned where Damonte had already warned that it was their last meeting. However, Vázquez is a name that appeared.

But, beyond the dance of names that may arise in Sarandí, today the reality is different, because the one who will be in charge of the first team will be someone Made in Sarandí, Dario “Cafú” Espinola. The former Reserve DT arrives to direct the last matches of the tournament. His CT will be together with his brother, Oscar “Junior” Espínola and Luis de Luise as field assistants, Martin Pérez Greco and Julián Alario will be the physical trainers. Ismael Segura will be the video analyst and Daniel Sciutti.

“Today is Cafu’s time and we wish him the best of success, not only because of Arsenal’s present but also because there is nothing better than a club coach. The idea of ​​the leadership is not to rush with the hiring of a new coach and if the results accompany Cafu, everything can change … “, say the supporters of the” Ass “media.

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