Late summer Covid-19 wave, new global alert

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the case Coronavirus rising again around the world, for example USAnation Europe and also in Mexicotherefore expert warning there may be Corona wave at the end of summer already circulating virus.

Cases and hospitalizations are on the rise America and EuropeAs experts predict, there will be a “late summer wave” of the currently circulating virus.

Monday, National Autonomous University of Mexico Alerts due to behavioral changes Coronavirus disease In that country, for this reason, he recommended reinstating the use of face masks in closed meetings of more than 30 minutes. “We must remember that the covid-19 pandemic is the worst event that has afflicted humanity in the past 100 years, and Mexico in particular has shown flaws in the public health system and in the way people live,” he reported in a in a statement.

Behavior has changed in recent weeks Coronavirus disease.especially in number of cases and the enthusiasm of evidence of diagnosisrevealing that the virus is spreading at the community level in most parts of the country.

“Despite the relative calm and generally favorable conditions, it is recommended that general measures to prevent infection and complications of covid-19, as well as other respiratory illnesses (influenza, RSV, pneumonia) continue at this time of year and prior to University events wait).

minimize Lopez-Gatell aware National Autonomous University of Mexico

The federal government ruled out on Tuesday that the country was on “alert state” despite saying covid-19 cases had risen National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

He declared: “There is no alarm situation, this is part of the possible variability of the epidemic spread of the virus, and these changes have also been manifested in other countries, especially in the United States.” Hugo López-Gatell, Deputy Minister of Prevention and Health Promotionresponsible for epidemic prevention and control.

At the government’s daily news briefing, the official referred to a statement made on Monday National Autonomous University of MexicoThe group warned of “changes in covid-19 behavior” in Mexico, “in particular the number of cases and the rate of test positivity,” and recommended a return to measures such as wearing masks.

But López-Gatel insisted that “the situation is calm,” for which he believes that “it is important not to exaggerate or exaggerate the concerns” about this university, the most important in Mexico and the most famous in Latin America. one of the universities.

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