Latest analysis confirms water in Baena and Isnahal is drinkable

Latest analysis confirms water in Baena and Isnahal is drinkabledraft

Andalusia military junta closes case Poisoning from contaminated water baenaAt least 11 people suffered from gastroenteritis and the town was banned from drinking tap water for 10 days.


health representative, maria jesus bottleexplained on Thursday that the latest analysis his department had received showed that the water in the supply network was potable and of sufficient quality for human consumption.

Last minute testing has been carried out at the exit Water Treatment Station (ETAP) iznagarand Baena’s usually self-sufficient underground resources. The protozoa that contaminate Baena’s water were not detected.

Unknown source

still a mystery Where is the source of pollution? Baena water, as it is neither in a spring nor in the Isnagar reservoir, which makes the city’s water supply network a major assumption. However, analyzes subsequent to the first positive result failed to identify the protozoa responsible for the incident.

In any case, after the first people became infected, no further cases of infection were detected. acute gastroenteritis As the bottle itself confirms, it is related to Baena water.

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