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Latimier spring summer 2024 – Start from the same Erwin Latimer – founder and stylist of Latimmier – as a drag queen who sings along to Cy Coleman’s Big Spender, a show featuring the Finnish brand’s spring/summer 2024 collection, part of Copenhagen Fashion Week’s New Talent program and the second parade of the entire event.

Latimmier spring-summer 2024: Position of Power fashion show video

A new debut in an unusual location, the conference room of the Radisson Blue Scandinavia hotel in the Danish capital, which recalls Latimier’s first and famous debut at Pitti Uomo in February 2022. Latimer himself said he wanted to give “shock” guests to wake everyone up.

Call Position of power, the new collection draws inspiration from the archetypes of people in power seen in American films and TV series. In particular, much has to do with The wolf of Wall Streetthe film that most inspired the show, which also opened on top of chest hits Matthew McConaughey; but also American Psycho and American Gigolo. But nothing is accidental.

Latimer told Vogue Scandinavia: “We’re not really doing ’80s corporate styling, but thematically we’re picking up on the idolatry of these macho, chest-hugging, cocaine-using, money-hungry men.”.

Thus was born a show that contrasts sharply with the past, especially with the autumn-winter 2023 collection, more intimate and revealing than the current one, which instead raises shoulder pads from the 80s, but in a more modern waywith an approach to power bandage. Thus, we see large merino wool blazers with built-in hoods that are reminiscent of the scene in which Jordan Belford (aka Leonardo DiCaprio) drunkenly ties himself to the seat of his plane; or black suspenders and exaggerated boots, giving a touch of BDSM, as well as translucent t-shirts with slogans “Money, Gunpowder, Glory”.

And finally, the irony of the financial collapse of the West, especially expressed in the intarsia knitted sweater, which depicts Falling Lehman Brothers stock price. An irony that, moreover, has already been found in the paper materials created for the event, in the invoices shredded by the debt collectors (the real invoices sent by Latimmier herself).

Idea? “Creating a dress out of my misery,” Latimer concludes.

From our Copenhagen Fashion Week correspondent Robin Mehrensson.

image courtesy of press office – photo © 2023 James Cochrane

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