Laura Bozzo and the reward they offer for her whereabouts

Almost 5,000 dollars, about 20 million Colombian pesos, is what Alfredo Adame offers, actor and former deputy candidate, for capturing the famous presenter of ‘Laura in America’, Laura Bozzo.

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The presenter is wanted by the Mexican courts after giving her preventive detention for an alleged tax crime she committed.

The host of said program remains as missing and is already wanted in more than 190 countries.

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Adame, who was the one who informed the Tax Administration System on the irregular sale of a repossessed house, He published a movie image on his Instagram account in which Laura appears along with the reward of said amount of money for any information that he can give on the whereabouts of Bozzo.

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“I contact the Tax Administration System and say ‘Laura Bozzo, the television host, committed a crime. He sold a condo that you have repossessed. ‘ I gave them the notice, “said Adame days before.

For the moment, it is not known if the host of the program ‘Laura en América’ is in Mexican territory or managed to leave the country.

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