Laura Escanes shows herself naturally in incredible makeup-free poses online

Finding makeup-free photos of different celebrities on social networks has become a simple task. “Celebrities” themselves share their most natural versions with their followers, not hesitating to show off any acne, spots or redness they may have on their face. The list is too long and just this week Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Rosalía decided to appear on their networks without makeup . To welcome the weekend, Laura Escanes He showed the reality of Saturday mornings without a filter.

The “influencer” was watching a Disney movie with her daughter Roma when she shared a short video of her appearance No makeup, a bit messy. “I slept very little and said little was a lot,” he explains, and this way we were able to see the true texture of his skin up close, which was spectacular, although the dark circles under his eyes were completely gone. Normally it occurs when you don’t get enough rest. look!

Laura Escanes


It’s not surprising at all that Laura Escanes decided to pose without filters or makeup, she has done so on numerous occasions, which normalizes the non-existence of perfect skin. By her own account, the content creator showed off the acne breakouts on her face and how they evolved, leaving behind spots and marks that she removed with a laser.

On top of that she also suffers from redness from abusing certain beauty products but after watching her latest video the current state of her face is spectacular and we love how Laura always looks completely natural The feel of her skin.

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