Laurent Delahousse: his salary for the France 2 newscast unveiled, you will be surprised!


News star on France 2, Laurent Delahousse has been at the head of the news for many years now. Very handsomely paid like all of his colleagues in JT, his salary was unveiled recently.

With the departure of Jean-Pierre Pernaut from TF1, replaced by Marie-Sophie Lacarrau coming straight from the public service, and who, as she confided to Yann Barthès in early January, “  did not even think about the salary. I was told after how much I will earn, I was very happy, end of the deal “, the questions about the salaries of the presenters of JT are therefore back in force. And on this subject, Cyril Hanouna knows a thing or two about it. 

Indeed, after a few minutes of questioning, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau still admitted that she was earning much “better” her living on TF1 and on France 2. The opportunity for the TPMP band to reveal the salaries of its former colleagues of the public channel, like Laurent Delahousse in particular, an essential figure of the 20 Hours on France 2 who would earn, according to the host of C8, 15,000 euros per month or Elise Lucet and her daily show and a salary of 12,000 euros monthly. Salaries far from extravagant, and for good reason, according to information from Nicolas Pernikoff on the TPMP set on January 5, “ On the public service, you have a state controller, who depends on the ministry, who prevents the channel from giving what it wants to an employee. It is framed. It explains why people make a lot less money

Because in fact, among their TF1 competitors, the news presenters at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. are much better paid. Like Jean-Pierre Pernaut, who before retiring did not receive less than 50,000 euros per month. But he is not the only one, Anne-Claire Coudray at the head of the weekend newspapers would collect around 30,000 euros per month, and Gille Bouleau for the 8 pm week around 40,000 euros. Amazing monthly salaries which are ultimately not much compared to those of Patrick Poivre-d’Arvor who at the time touched 71,500 euros or Claire Chazal who will remain the most paid presenter with 120,000 euros per month according to Bernard Montiel.