It is general shock in Hollywood for the unexpected retirement of Law Roach, stylist of many stars from Shakira to Venus Williams. The so-called “architect of the image” – as he proclaimed himself – recently communicated with a post on his Instagram profile that he wanted to retire from the scene and leave the fashion scene. The reason? “Politics, lies and misrepresentations”. But according to the rumors there was more, and his followers were quick to point the finger at Zendaya, with whom the stylist had been working for years.

The trigger for these allegations lies in a video that began circulating during Paris fashion week. At the Louis Vuitton show, Zendaya sat in the front row next to Emma Stone and according to web users she “showed little respect” to her stylist, who was looking for a free chair to attend the show. Shortly after, the actress would have indicated to Roach an empty chair behind her and the stylist, although not convinced, would then have been preparing to take his seat. While some claim that was the defining moment of the stylist’s retirement, Law Roach recently broke his silence to deny all rumors of a conflict between the two, writing on his Twitter profile that Zendaya is “his little sister” and that he doesn’t will he ever break the relationship with her.

Many people wonder what is the real reason why Law Roach has decided to leave the world of fashion. In addition to the “offending” clip, Zendaya would be in the crosshairs of criticism for having recently signed a contract with Louis Vuitton which could limit the stylist’s creativity in dressing the actress. Roach for the moment has decided not to go into further explanations, despite many people close to him have commented below him on his Instagram post asking him to stay.

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