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Layers of Fear PC Game Download Full Version

This has not happened yet, Layers of Fears is a remarkable production created by the Polish studio from Krakow Bloober Team, which is most famous for titles such as A-Men 2 or Brawl. The creators of the game came up with an extremely interesting idea to make its main character a mad painter, whose mind cannot distinguish the products of his own imagination from reality. All those who like to be scared can download this game here: Layers of Fear Download . Whoever watched the horror film “Ocullus” will surely guess what to expect from this game.

Layers of Fear PC Game Download Full Version

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Between truth and madness

In this game, the player travels back in time to the 19th century and immediately finds himself in an old, creepy Victorian mansion. He becomes an age-old painter overwhelmed by the idea of ​​painting the greatest work of his life, which is to crown his entire work. From the very first moments spent with this amazing game, the player will be struck by its amazing, dark and psychedelic atmosphere. With each movement of the character, the player has the impression that he is being watched by various objects, such as unusual paintings on the walls or individual parts of the house. The semi-darkness prevailing in the rooms and the storm raging outside the window additionally strengthen the mysterious and horrifying atmosphere well known from good horror movies . Also check out the next part of Layers of Fear 2 and give a report.

The creators of this pc game took great care to make all the actions of the hero meaningful, in addition, every action that he must perform perfectly fits the whole dark mood of the game and focuses on bringing the player into a gloomy, psychedelic state of tension and anxiety even more. Scattered mousetraps, old, empty alcohol bottles, and scary paintings hanging everywhere, and the sad, unsteady music flowing from an antique gramophone. All this creates an atmosphere perfect for this genre, allowing the player to completely immerse himself in the game world and plot. If you like such atmosphere, you can download this game: Layers of Fear Download .

Game Layers of Fears focuses primarily on building the atmosphere. It is scared by the atmosphere itself, and not by the fear that some strange creature may jump out at the player in a moment, making terrible sounds. While exploring the old mansion, the player, like the insane man, does not know what is truth, and what is only a product of a sick imagination. The main character’s mental illness plays an extraordinary role in this game. It significantly disturbs the perception of the world through the eyes of a sick painter. The creators of the game tried very hard to make the player feel like the character he was playing, which is why they used a number of treatments thanks to which everyone who plays Layers of Fearshe may feel as if he is experiencing all the unpleasant consequences of insanity himself. Traveling through the area of ​​the old residence and discovering its secrets are filled with various nightmares that the main character constantly experiences. He does not know all the time which experiences are real and which are only due to his illness.

Layers of Fear trailer

The creators of the game took care of the smallest detail, also help the producers by buying the game from them so that the player can perceive the game world as subjectively as possible. Even the movement of the camera was created in such a way that it could change the interior of the mansion. On the one hand, this solution makes it very difficult to navigate and control the protagonist and enable him to finish the painting, but on the other hand, it allows him to experience all the limitations experienced by a sick person on a daily basis. Playing the role of the protagonist and walking with him through the terrifying mansion, players will step by step discover the causes that led the painter to madness and together with him find the items that will be needed for him to complete the greatest work of his life. Horror with art in the background, lovers of art history and classical works will be delighted with the fact that the game is full of references to the most famous painters or the greatest architects in the history of mankind.

Layers of Fear PC Game Download Full Version

Download Now

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