Lazza, new triumph in Milan, upcoming EP and unreleased duet with Emma (Video and photos)

Triumphant return LAZZA in his Milan. After three sold-out events in April at the Mediolanum Forum, last night with a special a unique sold-out event at the Sny San Siro racecourse The multi-platinum singer and pianist brought with him many friends, artists and his loyal fans, which for all intents and purposes took on the tone of a great group party at the end of summer and at the end of the toura magical moment to follow and celebrate in one of the most representative places of Italian outdoor music these last two years of ever-growing fire.

The perfect icing on the cake, seasoned with emotion and success, awards and staggering numbers that were delivered hit after hit with dedication and hard work.

The Sny San Siro racecourse staged an impressive show, divided into different moments, each with its own intensity – a moment of a live performance with a band, a moment of a DJ set with the constant presence of a multi-platinum producer on the console. drillermoments of solo piano and more intense ones, enriched by the arrangements of an exceptional ensemble of classical musicians.

Life filled with adrenaline Lazza To Milanproducers Vivo Concerti and Next Show – it was a wonderful opportunity to witness a series of memorable performances, decorated with sparkling plays of fire and light: on stage with a record-breaking artist Ge, Emma and Laura Marzadori, Capo Plaza, Fabri Fibra and Madame, Jaime, Nitro, Amis Killa, Irama, Baby Gang, Fred De Palma and Tony Effe, Anna, Blanco and Sfera Ebbasta, Elodie and Tedua, Dardast.

A line-up of distinguished artists to celebrate with a friend and spend an evening dedicated to the songs that marked multi-platinum careers LAZZAincluded ASH (already the sixth platinum record) and hits SIRIO (7 times platinum and an absolute record of being in the first place of FIMI/GfK), without forgetting the iconic songs of its repertoire.

The collection will be released on September 20 exclusively for Amazon Music, some songs are taken from live performances. In the evening Lazza announced that he will be doing a duet with Emma in the song I love the dogincluded in the new album of the singer-songwriter from Salento, which will be released on October 13th.

Photo by Luca Marenda

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