LDA, a new single awaits him among the Bigs in Sanremo 2024? Sand Castle is out…


LDA is preparing to release a new single

After the success and popularity achieved at Amici 21, LDA can reaffirm itself as the “youngest Big” in San Remo 2024, after “sand castle“.

The latter is the title of a new single that will be released on September 8, 2023 by former singer-songwriter Maria De Filippi TV talent show Amici 21. In the meantime, a new song for Sony Music Italy/Columbia Records: Pre-save and add pop to your Instagram biography -phenomenon Amici 21, Luca D’Alessio, also known as LDA. And the spoiler for the new music project at the first signing of LDA is the very son of art Gigi D’Alessio in a post sent to Instagram. In the king of social media, in a carousel containing the taste of the single in video-audio format, LDA announces a new release and an accompanying cover with a pure pop vibe, sanctioning a close collaboration with Netflix.

The outgoing song, in fact, is not only a new single from LDA, but also the soundtrack for the second season of “Di4ri”, which starts on September 14, 2023 on Netflix.

Sand Castle collaborates with LDA and Netflix

Thus, it can be said that the sand castle is the song that makes LDA a promoter of the valuable Netflix streaming platform. In addition, the joint project may foresee LDA’s return to the Italian Song Festival after the festival debut, celebrated by the singer-songwriter as “The Youngest” in Sanremo in 2023. Letting LDA be among the major artists vying for San Remo 2024 is not a risky conjecture. And that’s because the young son of art is proving unstoppable, fresh from the release of the summer single “Granita” and the festival debut last spring of 2023 with the San Remo ballad “Se poi domani”. But that is not all. Apparently, on September 8, 2023, “Italian Justin Bieber” will share a live social stream on TikTok with people online to celebrate the close collaboration with Netflix.

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