LDA, “daddy’s boy”? Response to the accusations of haters: “Thank you…”


Friends of Maria De Filippi, LDA responded to the accusations of haters

LDA returns to the center of the gossip column because reply Sibylline to the “son” tag that haters gave him in early polls regarding his family ties to Gigi D’Alessio. Luca D’Alessio, aka LDA, was at the center of a scandal related to his admission to school Friends 21 by Maria De Filippi, during the period 2021/2022, when he made his debut in the music industry as a singer-songwriter, participating in a singing talent show on the Mediaset networks. His detractors accused him of being a supposed recommendation, and his haters accused him of running for Amici thanks to the help of his famous father Gigi D’Alessio, who with his fame and knowledge of the arts would pave the way for Amici 21. But very soon, despite the accusations against him, LDA stood his ground, achieving a gold record and a certified platinum record. FIMI/GFC achieved the fastest time on the talent show with the best-selling debut single Cosa che fa Male. Despite success for LDA, unstoppable progress, even after the space and time of Amici 21, meanwhile, for the artist’s son, the label “son” remains in accusing haters of being favored in the music industry, with the hand of Gigi D’Alessio.

Response to LDA Label

And in response to malicious rumors spreading on social networks, they have become active again among Instagram Stories LDA announces that he has achieved a new personal goal, thanks to his strengths, having decided not to resort to the help of his creative father, which is therefore facilitated by the love of his fans, which allows him to achieve important milestones in single and album sales and live performance income, creative The young singer-songwriter’s career began in Amici 21. stories on IG, “Italian Justin Bieber” cryptically responds to detractors, expressing gratitude for the hard work and love of the fans: “After so much work, finally my first car… thank you very much to all of you, sincerely” is the message that the former Maici 21 posts on in writing, accompanied by a photograph that immortalizes him with his first car, a red Toyota Ferrari, which he had just purchased. And the story about the goal of personal revenge of the LDA turned out to be useful for the haters!

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