Lea Michele remembers moved a scene special of Cory Monteith in ‘Glee’


He has spent more than a decade since the premiere of the ‘Glee‘but the cast still remembers the first day as if it were yesterday. Lea Michele has been reunited with his former colleagues Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz (Artie and Tina) for the podcast, Showmance, where the trio has remembered the series returning to see the first chapter. The actors also reminded that, as soon as they met, they immediately formed a close bond.

We really had fun with our romance“acknowledge Read, even moved with his partner from Glee, actress Dianna Agron, during the first season. Kevin adds: “This is what people do not understand. We worked all day together and then we wanted to spend some time together voluntarily.”

There was also an inevitable sad moment to remember Cory Monteith, partner Lea in the real life for several years before his death in 2013 by an accidental overdose. Kevin recalled having recorded the scene in which his character Artie, who uses a wheelchair, was rescued from a portable toilet by the character of Cory, Finn.

Kevin described it as one of your “memories more memorable” shooting of the pilot, and revealed that even then he and Cory knew that ‘Glee’ would make them superstars. “We said, ‘This is crazy, isn’t it? We’re going to remember this forever. This is special‘. We were just the two of us. I was like, ‘Yeah, this is really wild,'” shared the actor with nostalgia.

Read also found the scene particularly poignant, and added: “The most emotional moments now are the ones that I seemed to be during the series. And one of them was when you pulled out of that bathroom. It was one of those scenes that you can see the whole arc of a character over an entire season in a single moment. He pulls you out of the bathroom, and you see the verdadero heart of Finn. Oh, my God”, ends up without power avoid getting emotional.

And although tragedy has struck the cast of ‘Glee’ more than once (the suicide of Mark Salling after being accused of pedophilia, the accusations of domestic violence Melissa Benoist against his co-star Blake Jenner, etc), Read refuses to martirizarse: “People always focus on the negative“he laments. “But I always look back and think that it was the best thing“.

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