Leak, The iOS 14, Said the return of the TouchID on the iPhone 9?


Illustration iPhone. (unsplash/Tyler Lastovich)

Hitekno.com – Slowly, leaks with respect to iOS 14 and some of the Apple products begin to unfold. The latest iOS 14 not long ago, a leak and you are back to discover the function of TouchID in the iPhone 9 in future versions.

Not only information about the iPhone 9, the leaked code from iOS 14 also discover some of the features on the iPad Pro and Apple TV.

Reported by GSM Arena, based on the leaked code from iOS 14, it was revealed that the iPhone will be 9, which is equipped with Touch ID with a fingerprint reader in the Home button.

If this information is correct, and although the mention previously that the iPhone 9 is the FaceID is wrong. The accuracy of this information will also be the moment, the device-the return of the TouchID in the iPhone.

Leaks others mention that the iPhone 9 also supports Express Transit, which is useful for the payment of public transport in London, New York, Portland, Japan, Beijing and Shanghai.

Illustration iPhone. (unsplash/Arnel Hasanovic)
Illustration iPhone. (unsplash/Arnel Hasanovic)

In addition to providing some of the leaks in the connection with the iPhone leaked iOS 14 also discover some of the features that the iPad Pro. the iPad Pro is known, with the help of three sensors on the back with 3D-Time-of-Flight.

Interestingly enough, the technology, integrated Apple’s iPad Pro and in this is aligned to the device’s photography capabilities, the ability of the photography, the latest iPhone from the Apple family.

Together with the leaked code from iOS 14 it also revealed that Apple is currently preparing the release of the Apple TV box and remote control as a replacement for Siri-remote.

Illustration iPhone. (unsplash/Bagus Hernawan)
Illustration iPhone. (unsplash/Bagus Hernawan)

Later, Apple will also release an application that can be used to have the Apple TV in a music player and a coach, if the user is not a Sport

Although, as time goes by, many specifications iPhone 9 and some other Apple products to be revealed. It is not yet known when the devices will release together with iOS 14.