Leaked FF car skin Free free Tokens fire medal fire!


Fire free a games is Battle Royale, which is quite famous to this day, even this game has more than 250 million players from all over the world. Of course, the many events are presented in the game, you will create a free fire was better attended than ever before. Party Garena also has many events and new features presented, so the player can later free not Bored with the game.

Also now, the of Garena to continue many of the current event and to dance. It is not because they want the player for the be concerned free of Corona-free fire, which is Booming now. So with the command at home through the whole of the state, finally Garena the event, called play from home published.

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In the event, complete this event and you get a variety of other exciting prizes. It is triggered by Garena fire, so the player can’t get bored for free, if inside the house. So you are in the mission of the event, as well as all of the gifts, which can be obtained can be reached.

Now, Advanced Server, fire Free. March 2020, was opened. For those of you who have registered successfully at the first Session, now it can enjoy the Server of course. Also in this server, there are many new events that can be out there globally in the future.

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Well, on this occasion we will give you some impression of the event, which will be present by the Advanced Server.

Curious? We refer especially to the statement in the article below, Yes.

Leaked FF car’s Current skin

At the event in progress Advanced Server, it is a Token to collect the fire medal, you need. Of course, this token is the function you use in the exchange of gifts has.

Of course, gifts that you can get a dance from this event, and is really cool. Even today, there are many other prizes you can get if you collect these Tokens in large quantities.

Exchange Use Token-Fire Medal Fire!

In the event that you get a lot of attractive gifts can vary with the price of the Token. For skin car, you need 65-Token, the Token to weapons-Loot crate, you need 40 -.

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The character of Hayato, and a Fragment of the character, it each of them takes 30 tokens is. You will receive 5 Tickets Diamond Royale, with the redeem 28-Token. Not only that, you can get the Box with the redeem 18 chips.

In addition, there is a skin of Pet the level of the legends that you can get with redeem 10 tokens only. 5 Token for the exchange with Loot Crate regular and 2 tokens for the pet food.

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So Token-Brand-Get-Free-Medal Fire

By this token, the way is also quite easy to use. Also, if you study hard, you play within 1 day, of course, the main price quickly can be procured. You guys should play in the mode, nothing, so I can Token the.

This Token can be obtained after the match ended. In the Department of the tokens, you get it Randomly and can just immediately get up to 5 or 10 tokens directly.

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That’s good, that some of the information leaked FF car skin free Tokens fire medal fire we can convey on this occasion. How? If you are interested with the event later?

That’s all, thanks and greetings Super.