Leaked Huawei Said-P40 Pro Has Five Rear-View Camera


KOMPAS.com Series Phone Flagship the latest from Huawei namely the P40-series, will certainly slide on the 26. March in Paris, France. Huawei the release of three mobile phones P40 series, namely P40 Lite, P40 regular and P40 Pro.

To start in front of the time, is always in the vicinity, various leaked, more and more outstanding in the realm of maya. This time, a leaker reached out on Twitter to reveal the number and specifications of the camera, the Huawei P40 Pro is worn.

According to the Twitter account @Rodent950, Huawei P40 Pro equipped with more than seven cameras, which consists of five cameras on the back and two additional camera on the front.

He calls, the main camera P40 Pro has a resolution of 52 megapixels with Sony sensor IMX700. The main camera on the Huawei-P40 Pro uses the color filter are not uncommon.

Instead of filtering the light in the three primary colors of RGB (Red, Green, Blue), these filters use color RYYB (Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue), the same as on the Huawei P30 Per.

There is also a camera with 40-megapixel (ultrawide) sensor IMX650. Camera-Filter-light in color Cine RGGB (Red, Green, Green, Blue).

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Three other camera is called, consists of a Tele-lens (3x optical zoom), the camera-periscope (10x dual-optical prism zoom), and the camera Time-of-Flight (ToF) for the performance of Depth sensing.

While at the front there are two cameras of unknown specifications.

Although the specifications are not yet known, the second camera selfie on P40 Pro is likely to be published punch-hole.

According to some rumors, the equipped previously in circulation, this phone is believed to be, with Chipset Kirin latest connectivity support 5G.

Huawei P40 Pro is also a curved screen (curved) on all sides, the following operating system (OS) Android 10 but without equipped with service-Google Mobile Services (GMS).

That is to say, the P40-series will be available in five color variants, namely Black, Blush Gold, Silver Frost, Deep Sea Blueand Ice White.

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Summarized KompasTekno from PhoneArenaOn Monday (9/3/2020), Huawei P40-series price is allegedly at a similar price-similar with Samsung Galaxy S20.

Nevertheless, the whole look is still a mere rumor. Certainty about the specifications and price dibebeberkan Huawei on 26 March.