Leaked images and price Realme 6 leaked, the Cheapest Of $ 1 million


KOMPAS.com – The rumors, the coming, in connection with the mobile phone of the latest successor to the Realme of 5 and Realme Of 5 Per still before the Start of the 5. March in India.

Now, one last leak reveals the price and pictures rendering both devices will be launched, at this date, namely, of the Realme 6 and Realme 6 Pro.

Based on the information broadcast by a blog leaker gadgets, TheUnbiased, the cheapest variant of the Realme 6 with 4 GB of RAM and internal memory of 64 GB is sold at a price of 9,999 rupees, or about Usd 1.9 million.

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Meanwhile, the cheapest version of Realme 6 Pro with the same storage capacity, which is called the will of millions of price with a more expensive price, so, 13.999 rupee, or about Rp 2.7 in.

Well, because the price is bound to day, is high, the specification offered Realme 6 Pro more qualified than the Realme 6, at least according to the gold price.

Image-rendering Realme 6 (left) and Realme 6 Per (right).TheUnbiased Image-rendering Realme 6 (left) and Realme 6 Per (right).

If you can see from the picture rendering this line is exposed to, for example, the selfie camera Realme 6 Per (right) there are two different with Realme 6 (left), the height there is only one.

Although it is not the same, both phones are reportedly carries the IPS LCD panel, the compact design punch-hole to load the camera swafoto, only the size is different.

Can be seen also, the screen Realme 6 seem to be more spacious in comparison to the Realme 6 Pro.

Although smaller, the screen version of “Pro” is supposedly about the time, because it will have already refresh rate 90 Hz, in contrast to the standard variant, which is only glued at 60 Hz.

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Turning to the kitchen runway, reportedly Realme 6 Pro, it will be chip Snapdragon-720G, while the Realme 6 on Mediatek-Helio-G90.

In terms of performance, Realme 6 Pro-supposedly-support-technology-for fast charging, with a power of 30 watts, as compiled KompasTekno from TheUnbiasedOn Monday (2/3/2020).

If the information is leaked above it true? The answer will be known at some point.