Léana had to the screen with this image in bikini


Léana is a contestant of the reality tv shows that often it is – or not -by the flashes of the users with photos very daring social networks. This time, she has restless again and the canvas with this picture in the bikini !

You know her necessarily, because she is very known in the world of reality tv. Léana Zaoui is one of the candidates, the most power over you in the last few years, especially through her relationship with Thomas (Toto), his character and his photos very sexy on his account Instagram.

It is in the princes and princesses of love 5 that is a larger audience. And yet one has the impression that they are always part of the reality-tv. She appeared as a contender to seduce Marvin, the former “Prince”.

Since its first edition, was the way that many people make to the angels, Holiday, Angeland this year Lthe Villa broken heart. For its last broadcast, you alder again in the center of attention, not least because of his confrontation with his ex-boyfriend, Thomas.

Today, through the social networks, the brain was able to restore a user with a snapshot. In bikini in black and neon yellow, is a message to the followers in connection with the corona virus.

I’m in the mood for, from so far away, but it will be a party for the containment. Ps : I only do I tear to think that I am at least 5 kg.

More sexy than ever, Léana Zaoui has thrilled the users ! In the comments to the publication you can read, beautiful compliments.

5 kilos or not, I think you can still have a dream body ❤awesome ❤love it.

Also with a 10 and you’re beautiful my sweetheart

Leana always so beautiful ❤awesome ❤awesome ❤love it. 😍

Here is the nice

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