Leana Zaoui inflamed Instagram mini-bikini neon ! (PHOTO)


On his account of Instagram, which is beautifully presented to Leana Zaoui shared a photo, where you started, the cloth displayed with a mini-bikini neon !

On his account Instagram, Leana Zaoui is responsive and on time to the government’s recent measures against the coronavirus. And the least one can say is that you need to displayed really shocked.

How many French, Leana Zaoui heard the speech of the President of the Republic of new measures for in the fight against the coronavirus. You, the containment, they are not to be missed, expected to be shocked.

Leana Zaoui is, therefore, like everything in the world to do activities with her. Always very active on the social networks, you to publish recordings.

On this Tuesday, 17. March the young wife found a new photo on his account Instagram. She has the pose with a look of embers and mini bikini strip. The beautiful brunette has not failed to turn up the temperature on the screen.

Leana Zaoui inflamed Instagram mini-bikini neon ! (PHOTO)

Leana Zaoui slippery: this is in mini bikini neon on Instagram !

In the legend of his photo to Instagram, Leana Zaoui wrote : “I’m in the mood for, from so far away, but it was a question of containment. PS : I do what tear. I think I’m going to take at least 5 kg.

In contrast, the candidate of the reality tv show seems not to want to weight. You can still go for a run. In fact, Emmanuel Macron has entitled the sporting tours single the in the vicinity of its habitat.

With his photo, the young woman has harvested more than 52 500 “likes” in just a few hours from his fans. In the comments, these have a compliment failed.

I have to say, she also appeared very sexy. Under his photo, his fans have also written : “Much too beautiful. “, ” 5 kilo or not, I think, you can always a dream body. “but also” You’re just beautiful “.