Learn About Donald Trump’s Controversial Westchester Mansion Under Investigation

Donald Trump would be under investigation for his imposing mansion in New York.

The former president is being investigated for the management of Seven Springs, an impressive mansion he bought in 1996 to build a golf course

Former President Donald Trump is in the eye of the hurricane for a new investigation against him, which is related to the imposing mansion he owns in Westchester County, New York.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a group of investigators from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office would have their sights set on the 39,000-square-foot property that he acquired in 1996 after spending $ 7.5 million.

The reason his house, known as Seven Springs, is being investigated is that Trump would have lied about its real value in order to obtain tax benefits.

“While a tax issue related to a conservation agreement may not be as attractive as a secret money payment, prosecutors are likely to focus on any violations of the law they find,” said Duncan Levin, former Manhattan prosecutor, in an interview with AP News.

Melania Trump’s husband acquired the property, located on a 213-acre lot, with the firm intention of turning it into a golf resort, just like the one he has in Mar-a-Lago, but he could not obtain the zoning permits, in addition to the fact that neighbors opposed his project since they believed that the chemicals used for the lawn would contaminate Lake Byram.

After that setback, he tried to carry out a residential project, which included the construction of 46 houses, but again he received the refusal of his neighbors.

In 2004 he announced that he would build 15 high-end developments that would be the only ones of their kind at the time, but again it was all a simple project.

The imposing, Georgian-style residence dating from 1919 was built by Eugene Meyer, former president of the Federal Reserve and owner of The Washington Post.

Eugene built the property for the purpose of having a summer home, and it was even there that his daughter, Katharine Graham, got married in 1940.

The emblematic house is equipped with more than twelve rooms, an indoor pool, a bowling alley, a tennis court, extensive green areas, among other types of rooms and amenities.

There are no records to show that the house was ever occupied by Trump or his family.