Learn about Shakira’s basic beauty care

The Colombian looks spectacular at 43

Shakira is one of the most popular Latin artists internationally. Over the years she has managed to create a huge artistic career and if there is something else that impacts besides her incredible talent, it is her spectacular beauty. Currently, many wonder if the Colombian found the elixir of eternal youth because she looks radiant.

But far from magic tricks, Shak knows that everything is in having a basic care routine. In an interview she gave in 2015, she spoke about those that have always worked for her and the result has been seen to this day.

As she does not have time to take long beauty treatments, she knows that the key is to remove make-up every night with a Vitamin C serum.  Her faithful companion is also sunscreen, which protects her face from UV rays due to sensitivity that is your skin.

On the other hand, she also assured that not everything is in what you put on your face, but also in the exercise routine that you follow. She recommends dedicating time to physical activity every day, in addition to highlighting the importance of self-control when eating.

Activities that cannot be missed in her routines are boxing, dancing, and tennis, which she loves. To these, we should now add skating because in her social networks she has recently been very active and youthful on wheels.