Learn how to avoid the flu: foods, tips and advice

As winter approaches, viral symptoms become common. In this note, we will tell you how to avoid the flu as well as some tips and advice.

Influenza is a respiratory infectious disease mainly caused by influenza viruses. There is currently no specific treatment, but it has been shown that it can be prevented. There are several measures to avoid the flu.

Getting vaccinated annually, washing hands regularly, not touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, practicing good hygiene, avoiding close contact with sick people, and staying home when sick are some of the activities you can do to prevent getting sick. World Health Organization (WHO).

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Not only can good habits prevent discomfort, certain foods and vitamins can also strengthen your defenses:

Vitamins and supplements

  • Vitamin C: While there’s no evidence of how it intervenes, taking this vitamin is known to help prevent the flu and even shorten its duration.
  • Zinc: Acts on the immune system and has an impact on severe influenza and its complications.
  • Water: Their existence is known Benefits of drinking water These include better physical condition


You can add the following foods to prevent the flu:

  • Garlic: This food can help prevent the flu in your diet due to the vitamins or other nutrients it contains.
  • Green fruits: rich in citric acid and vitamin C, so don’t hesitate to include them,
  • Vegetables: Include a variety of these foods in your meals and make the most of their nutrients.
  • Green tea: Long used to treat colds, it has recently been discovered to have antiviral properties.

If you get the flu, it’s recommended to rest, drink plenty of fluids, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and take medications prescribed by your doctor to relieve symptoms.

Follow these tips and don’t let that pesky flu control you.

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