Learn More About Andrea Meza, the Mexican Who Was Crowned Miss Universe 2021

Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza, is crowned as the new Miss Universe 2021 | Credit: Getty Images

Andrea Meza is originally from northern Mexico, she is 26 years old and on the night of this May 16 she became the winner of the Miss Universe 2021 crown

Alma Andrea Meza Carmona was born on August 13, 1994, in the state of Chihuahua and was crowned the third Miss Universe in Mexico; Following in the footsteps of Lupita Jones in 1991 and Ximena Navarrete in 2010. She was chosen from among the 74 representatives from around the world, she made an impact thanks to her beauty, charisma, and personality.

Andrea Meza, a winner of the Miss Universe 2021 band, measures 1.82 meters, before participating in the beauty pageant, she was dedicated to modeling on catwalks, posing for various clothing brands, and television commercials. She is passionate about using her image to promote Mexican talent and one of her great dreams is to be an ambassador for world-class brands.


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Andrea Meza has a bachelor’s degree in software engineering and is proud to be a woman who graduated from a male-dominated field of study.

The gala that was held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, in Hollywood, Florida, saw the Mexican parade, who stood out for her figure and bearing on the catwalk, as well as her responses about the COVID-19 pandemic and her idea to break the stereotypes of beauty.

The winner of Miss Universe 2021, Andrea Meza,  is an activist, focused on the rights and inclusion of women. She currently works closely with the Municipal Institute of Women of the state of Chihuahua, which aims to end gender violence, this being one of its greatest motivations to compete for the Miss Universe crown: to fight against violence. currently living in Mexico, especially in his home state.

“ I want to use this platform so that this message is heard, so that people know what is happening in Mexico, especially everything that is happening in my state. When I start to investigate a little more about it and you start to know stories it impacts you, that has been one of the motivations for being here and I want people to know them, “explained Andrea Meza in an exclusive interview with La Vibra.


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Concerned about violence against women, harassment in the streets, the gender gap, Andrea Meza is also part of a global charity that is dedicated to raising funds in India, Indonesia, and China for the oppressed.

In other fields, she stands out for being a certified makeup artist and model, who is also passionate about being active.

The 26-year-old Mexican is proud to participate in Miss Universe, a beauty contest in which not only a beautiful face and a slim body are sought since it currently also serves to take advantage of world projection and seek that women are heard.

” I invite you to learn more about it and forget about these ideas about beauty contests, ” he explained.


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In his spare time, he enjoys jogging in a park near his home, but he also practices CrossFit and extreme sports, such as rappelling and sandboarding.

“ I love sports, whenever I have the opportunity I like to go running, to be with my friends. When you are in this concentration you have so much work that sometimes you get to distance yourself from family or friends. I love to sing in my free time and enjoy the moment, “he added.

He confesses to having some guilty tastes since he enjoys eating potatoes and cakes, although he assured, he tries not to abuse calories since he has to take care to keep the line.

Before being named Miss Universe 2021 Andrea Meza had plans to launch her line of environmentally friendly sportswear, a project that she left on hiatus to dedicate herself entirely to her preparation for Miss Universe.

Her concern for the welfare of the world and animals led her to become vegan, she also enjoys singing, she feels that it is a very powerful way to show her emotions and thus shared her talent for La Vibra.


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