Learn the strange story of how Stephen Curry and Kobe Bryant first met (+ video)

One of the most enjoyable moments for fans is seeing two greats come face to face in a game because the rivalry is what makes the matchup exciting, however, this time we are talking about the rookie meeting the legend, and that is: Stephen Curry Against Kobe Bryant, they were classified as such in their first game.

Going back to November 28, 2009, the Los Angeles Lakers challenged the Golden State Warriors away at Oracle Arena. It was a very eye-catching game, especially the participation of Kobe, who would face the rookie Curry.

In this commitment, Kobe does a good job of highlighting his dominance of the game, challenging every player on the Warriors to do their part in every game, and Curry is not far behind, although not Kobe has such experience, but his talent is obvious. In one game, Kobe recognized the wonderful performance of “Chef”.

In an interview, Curry recalled the moment, saying it was a special moment that meant so much to him because it was inspiring for the Lakers legend to recognize his performance, just like Steph got when Kobe Bryant sat on the bench to rest. One point the same.

The game left such an impression on Bryant that he turned around and told his teammates how great the young Curry was. Since then, players from both sides have played against each other many times. In each game, the Warriors’ 30 players have left a performance that impressed the Lakers players, and gradually won the admiration and respect of the eternal “Black Mamba”.

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