Learning at home more Effectively with Google Classroom


Learning at home
First display time with Google Classroom. Photo: Screenshot

In the family, learn how to prevent a government policy, that the spread of the corona effect on the school. Teaching and learning activities must ultimately be made, your own home.

Limitations on all activities of the public, in the schools should be the solutions so that the teaching and learning activities, remain effective even in how to learn at home.

But don’t worry, now there is a lot of technology that supports it, not only to support the teaching and learning activities, including conferences and some of the activities of the company can be done at home.

After the learning activities, one of the apps, the issue of google can be used, so that the learning at home remains effective, i.e. Google Classroom.

Features of Google classroom, So that Learning at home more Effectively

In terms of features, Google Classroom has some advantages, can be used, here are some of the advantages, learning in your home more effective.

1. Compile The Class

To compose features, for a class in Google classroom will be very useful for students, or for students, terbih for teachers.

With this function, the school can take a class to organize according to the needs, for example, class-adjusted levels or with certain criteria.

In addition, with this function, the schools can be adapted to organise schedules, with the list of teaching and learning activities, as usual.

2. Google-Form Import

So to learn that home is interactive, via google form allows teachers to create questionnaires for the students.

The results of the questionnaire can then be imported in Google classroom so that the students know the results you get.

This function can also help a test, if a material is already delivered ready to use, with easy-to-use functions.

3. Single View

In the single view, the teacher can do the division of tasks and collection tasks, where the teacher can control the passage of tasks through this function.

Students are able to show that the task has been completed, then the function, then the teacher can check, one after the other through the filter system.

In addition to this function, the teacher has to perform the archiving with easy and separate them with the tasks that were rated, that still.

4. The Transfer Of The Class

Well, the transfer feature class, the teacher can allow to the conduct of teaching and learning activities, without a lot of Google Classroom.

With this function, if a teacher is to be continued done by other members of the teaching staff with the same access to all the facilities.

Included in this task is that google drive allows teachers easier access to each of the tasks will be given, without a lot of archives.

There are still some other functions that can be used in Google classroom, such as the creation of space for discussion and evaluation in real-time.

So, you Learn at home do not prevent the teaching and learning activities with the help of Google Classroom. (Muhafid/R6/HR-Online)