LeBron James and Oscar Schmidt: Two players united by their greatest record

LeBron James’ ceiling is unknown. No matter how much he hinted after the Lakers eliminated the Nuggets last season, his retirement was not coming or threatening her. His physique is unparalleled among athletes his age and he is a prodigy who is always ready to compete.. And, because of its long history, it continues to break records that once seemed impossible, prehistoric, and even anachronistic (in the good sense of that word). James is entering his 21st season in the NBA and the Lakers have a deep roster that reached the conference finals last year, and everything will hinge on the star’s health. Its athleticism is ideal for avoiding injuries. That’s right: In the twilight years of his career (if ever), LeBron remains critical and indispensable. What happens with his team is up to him.

LeBron already made history again last year. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 38,387 points may seem like another milestone that no one can reach, but the Kings were able to reach it thanks to years of staying active and in good shape. Apart from, No one has reached the 21st season, and only a handful of players have reached that number, five in total (Vince Carter, Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki, Robert Parish and Kevin Willis)is another of the many brands that could have bested this legend if it had remained active for at least two more seasons. one of them.

Now, he has a record to break, and it’s not limited to the NBA. More importantly, he’s talking about basketball in general.And LeBron can achieve a great feat: Oscar Schmidt scored 49,737 points in his career, and the Kings scored 47,734 points.. These data include regular season, playoff and international games. James averaged 28.9 points per game with the Lakers last year (38 years old). That said, if he can maintain that average over 70 games, he could become the leading scorer in basketball history, a historical figure that no one seems to be able to take away from the Brazilian who retires at the age of 45. . His athletic career spanned 29 seasons, spanning four different decades, from 1974 to 2003.

Oscar Schmidt is a world basketball legend. In 1987, he participated in the Pan American Games in Indianapolis with the Brazilian team and defeated the United States team 120-115. This resulted in the team’s first victory at home against the United States, and was also the first team to score more than 100 points against the United States.. Schmidt is also a member of the NBA Hall of Fame, a milestone as he never played in said game. He was also inducted into the Spanish Basketball Hall of Fame, where he dedicated another part of his career.

so, Interviewed about his income And asked him why he didn’t decide to go a little further and reach the 50,000 point mark. “It’s just that I never played to score. These records came about because he played a lot and had a lot of success. I’m not trying to get 50,000 points (laughs).I stop when I have to stop”, he assured. LeBron James may also surpass this goal, and he will continue to reach all possible and imaginable heights… and those that have not yet been reached. this is what you have kingHe tirelessly continues his path to Olympus, refusing to give up while growing in the end that is approaching but never quite reached.. That’s who he is: a legend.

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