LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in Chicago: the story of a huge “what if”

LeBron JamesChris Bosch and Duane Wadethe most iconic Big Three of the 2000s, they could become a legend not in Miami, but in Chicago. At least that’s how it should have been, according to the revelation of K.C. Johnson, a very well-known insider in the Windy City.

It all starts with the King James Decision, an iconic moment in American basketball. Ultimately, LeBron decided to “bring his talents” to Miami, but shortly before the announcement, during free agency, he came very close to reaching an agreement with the Chicago Bulls. Eventually, James convinced Chris Bosh to leave Toronto to join him and Dwyane Wade in South Beach, where they won 2 rings together. However, an insider from Chicago describes a completely different scenario:If the Bulls were able to trade Luol Deng to the Clippers, which they discussed at the time, the Big Three would be in Chicago. Believe me.

It wasn’t hard to imagine that when both LeBron and Bosh landed in Chicago, Wade would have been particularly inclined to return to the city of his birth, which actually happened later in the Flash’s career. Thus, the Bulls were coached that year by Tom Thibodeau, a coach capable of leading the team from 41 wins to 62, while reaching the playoffs was interrupted only in the conference finals precisely in the hands of the “big three” from Miami. And Chicago played young Derrick Rose, MVP at just 22, another great what-if in NBA history.

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