LeBron James drops clues about his potential Olympic participation

LeBron James Whether he might have been involved leaves a mystery USA basketball team Next Paris 2024 Olympics.

The TV show SportsCenter posted a photo on Instagram that featured several American basketball players lebronthis photo refers to what the team might be USA 2024 Olympics. In itself, james He commented on the photo with just an eye expression, suggesting his involvement in the Star-Spangled Banner was possible.

This comment caused a stir on social networks and attracted the attention of fans of the basketball player, since it came purely from the basketball player NBA It racked up nearly 79,000 likes, quickly sparking doubts and uncertainty about whether it would succeed. james Will be participating in next year’s summer fair.

player’s lakers He won a bronze medal at the 2004 Olympics and gold medals in 2008 and 2012, but decided not to compete in 2016 and 2020.

We can see more basketball players like this in the picture LeBron commented on Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum, jimmy butler, Devin Booker, Stephen Curry, Anthony davis, Damian Lillard and Kawhi Leonard.

The last time Team USA participated in a basketball tournament was last year FIBA World Cup where the stars and stripes were defeated Germany in the semi-final stage.

For the second time in a row, USA He left behind a desire to lift the world championship trophy, now we have to wait 2024 Olympic Games Check out the American Quintet and also see if james appear among these five.

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