LeBron James has a new teammate, but the Los Angeles Lakers waive him after 11 days

Los Angeles Lakers The team stepped up its search for a new NBA ring and hired four players on Exhibit 10 contracts to either compete for the 15th spot on the roster or compete for two-way ties (G League and NBA).So, new companions LeBron James Eleven days later, he was no longer alone: ​​The team cut him.

Bryce Hamilton waived by Los Angeles Lakers

It’s been a busy few weeks Los Angeles Lakers.In chronological order, updated September 18 Jared Vanderbilt Four years and $48 million. Moving forward further, the actions he took on the 7th of this month have now had consequences.

The team has signed four players to a contract Chart 10 This would allow them to compete for the 15th spot on the roster or a two-way connection (G League and NBA).

Now, eleven days after Vincent Valerio-Boden and Damien Bowe arrived, Bryce Hamilton Like Scottie Pippen Jr., it was Hamilton who failed to live up to expectations in training camp and was waived by the Lakers.

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LeBron James gets applause from the academy

Last week, LeBron James Rochester Lourdes High School. He stayed there, but he also trained, used the weights gym and shared time with teachers, students and authorities. So, before leaving, he made a special trip to the college auditorium to thank him for the treatment he had received.

Surprisingly, as soon as he came on stage, the audience applauded inaudibly.

He later posted it on his Instagram account, along with a few words of thanks. β€œThe continued hospitality, prayers, love, and support this week from the great Lourdes High School in Rochester, Minnesota. I am so grateful for everything. Special thanks to Coach Larson for not only opening the weight room and gym every day at all times, but for his generosity and help! To the staff, teachers, coaches, principals, students, kids, you absolutely rock! PS As you can see, I surprised the students in the auditorium after my weekend workout! πŸ˜‰β€, he Post said.

LeBron James has a new teammate, but the Los Angeles Lakers waive him after 11 days


A week later he moved to a university and took the stage to thank them for their hospitality.

College’s response to LeBron

In a post with the same audiovisual content, Rochester Lourdes High School thanks LeBron James Because I have been there for a week, most importantly, for the last information.

β€œWhat an extraordinary day for Lourdes High School with a surprise visit from NBA legend @kingjames! Our classmates are still in high spirits! LeBron, our deepest condolences to you and your family Prayers and heartfelt thanks for your inspiration on and off the court! πŸ€πŸ’œ #onceinalifetimeexperience #golourdeseagles #kingjames,” they wrote on social.

What’s wrong with LeBron James’ knee?

In a video of LeBron James thanking Rochester Lourdes High School, not only was there a loud ovation, but he walked onto the stage with ice on his knees.

Although there were no official reports or announcements of injuries or discomfort, it was likely due to precautionary issues. When performing impact training, combined with gym training, it is recommended for elite athletes to use cold compresses on joint areas to avoid inflammation and overload.

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