LeBron James hints at desire to compete in 2024 Olympics after FIBA ​​World Cup elimination

Lto new elimination Team USA inside FIBA World Cup It’s painful, it looked like they could make the finals, but Germany He made the most of his repertoire.After this new episode that everyone wants to forget, people are wondering if 2024 Summer Olympics They could be a good chance at redemption.In the World Cup that is about to end, there is no one old star of NBA are present, but we all know that in summer events they always perform differently.League stars always wish they had something like this Olympic gold medal on his resume Paris 2024 will be another chance to get another chance.Of all the veteran talent currently in the NBA, one of the posts in the “X” comes from a Possible teams for next summer It came out shortly after being eliminated from the World Cup, LeBron James is the first name that comes out.

Can LeBron James lead Team USA to the Olympics?

Although the coach Steve Kerr He’s right when he says basketball is more global now than it was in previous years, think of another dream team For Paris, it was inevitable.Pictures posted by this account NBA Center In X, he has all the great American players who are still active in the league.

players like LeBron James, Chris Paul or Kevin Durant They have won Olympic gold medals in the past. But even if it seems like a lie, Stephen Curry He didn’t even compete in the Olympics. He has won two FIBA ​​World Cup titles, but different circumstances prevented him from competing for Olympic gold.

This won’t be a “Dream Team,” but it will be the best team in the NBA

The image in question has Jayson Tatum, LeBron James, Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Kawhi Leonard, Damian Lillard, Stephen Curry and Anthony Davis. Can you imagine how this hypothetical team would fare at next year’s Olympics? Of course, this level may be able to catch up with the previous Olympic gold medal teams, or at least have a chance to win the championship.However, bringing all these stars together for the summer has presented complication in the past.If they pitched an idea like a Netflix documentary to everyone “The Last Dance”, At least they’ll consider it.

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