LeBron James pledges to form American Dream Team

collective success Team USA basketball world championship FIBA 2023 He sidesteps all the opinions and predictions of experts who consider the North American nation to be the victor, and returns the ghosts that haunted that era in the 2000s. Argentina took away their gold 2004 Athens Olympics.

recently eliminated Team USA in hand Germany and the subsequent failure of his commitment to third place. Canadacaused a sensation and aroused the interest of major stars NBA Want to wear the Stars and Stripes elastic band.

It’s no secret that certain players prefer to rest during the offseason in order to cope with their respective teams’ busy schedules. NBA.

However, from that team called “Legends” “Redemption Team”restored greatness Team USA inside Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and led by deceased player Kobe Bryantgiven the promise sown by their country, many players feel the need to fulfill their “black Mamba”.

In those games in 2008, Kobe Bryant The team he leads has a young LeBron James, He just completed his sixth season NBA.

Now, after 15 years of hard work and lebron Maturity, 20 seasons later, four championship rings, and according to different sources, he decided to lead the team for the next season 2024 Paris Olympics.

Team USA and LeBron James will form a new dream team

Breaking down includes not just the sum “king”and are also recruiting Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum and Draymond Green.

And, like a separate movie, Devin Booker of Phoenix, Damian Lillard of portland, De’Aaron Fox of Holy Communion and Kyrie Irving of dallas Sources revealed that they are also very interested in getting engaged. Charania.

If this super team is built, we’ll be talking about one of the best teams in basketball history.Exactly the same as that one “Dream Team” 1992.


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