LeBron James reacts to Miguel Rojas’ microphone play

Venezuelan Miguel Rojas As he spoke to the announcers with a microphone on his chest, his performance captivated so many that he caught the attention of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers superstar, LeBron James.

Miguel Rojas While he was chatting with the announcer, a ground ball suddenly flew towards him, so he had to interrupt his speech to finish the game smoothly and said, “Sorry, guys, I have to continue playing.”


The moment was captured and attracted enough attention from the sports world. So much so that four-time MVPs and NBA champions have seen it, LeBron James, He said maybe he could play at least a quarter of the game during the upcoming basketball season.

“This is great. I’ll probably have to add about a quarter to a game this year,” James said on his Instagram Story.

In the NBA, they usually put microphones on players during practices, but they usually don’t do that during games. Now, that could change as LeBron James, one of the best players on and off the court, wants to implement this plan.

In 20 years in the NBA, we can witness how James has become one of the most charismatic players. He has no restrictions when talking to fans, teammates and even opponents.

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