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LeBron James reveals ‘James Gunn’s’ favorite off-court sneaker line: ‘A must-have in our house’

LeBron James is following up on the Nike LeBron 21 sneaker preview with a statement that’s sure to get fans talking.

James revealed in an Instagram post that the Nike Vomero 5 is the favorite lifestyle sneaker of the James gang. Available in six colors, the shoe quickly became one of Nike’s most popular models.

They followed Nike’s lead and introduced lifestyle shoes that were comfortable to wear off the court. While many of the brand’s shoes are designed for performance for different athletes, its lifestyle shoes are geared more toward casual wear.

Over the years, Nike has released specific lifestyle models tied to player signature lines. For example, there is the Michael Jordan lifestyle collection, and the Russell Westbrook lifestyle collection. LeBron James also owns several Nike LeBron “lifestyle” shoes.

Still, the Nike Movero 5 managed to surpass any of James’ signature shoes and become his family’s favorite. As he wrote:

“My favorite shoe off the court so far! It’s actually a #JamesGang staple in our house”

Check out photos of the shoe in various colorways along with James’ comments in the screenshots below.

@KingJames – Instagram

LeBron James’ latest Nike LeBron 21 shoes

Twenty-one years later, LeBron James insists he is as committed to the game of basketball as ever. With him playing alongside the likes of Kevin Garnett for much of the season chasing Vince Carter, Nike has released the “Nike LeBron 21.”

The shoe will launch on Thursday, September 28th, with the first colorway also paying homage to “Prime Time” Deion Sanders. As James teased in an Instagram Story post earlier this month, with his 21st birthday approaching, he had to pay tribute to Deion Sanders.

Colorado v TCU

In a post earlier this month teasing the shoe, James included a photo of Sanders with a text bubble that read, “It’s about to drop!”

The shoe will continue the long tradition of LeBron James’ signature shoe series as James looks to continue making NBA history. James has been seen wearing this new pair throughout the offseason, and the shoe will likely be on full display when the NBA preseason begins.

While his playing time may be very limited, James is expected to debut several signature player edition sneakers next season.

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