LeBron James will still be around for a while

The alarm sounded at the end of last season. “I’m not even thinking about next year. I don’t know.”When a star says this Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron Jamesand 38 years, 20 of them in the NBA world, He threw basketball continuity in the air. This week, that question was answered.

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With 19 days left until the league’s new season kicks off, the Los Angeles leader has reaffirmed his commitment to the team and the sport to the point where he’s aiming to not only compete for an NBA championship ring, but compete with 2024 Paris Olympics heart.

“I talked to my family and myself. I was inspired by seeing how my kids were growing up. Apparently the Brownie incident (his son suffered heart problems this summer) also inspired me. “I feel like I still have a lot left in the tank,” LeBron said at a news conference.

James expressed doubts about his future last year when eliminate objections denver nuggets In the Western Conference Finals, he said he wasn’t sure if he would continue playing.

“that moment I’m tired and heartbroken, Mentally, I’ve been through a lot, that’s why that quote came out, but I’m just happy to be back for another year,” LeBron said.

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James faces The 21st season of his career In the case of the Lakers, they didn’t make major changes to the lineup, just added a few things like christian wood or gabe vincent arrive A team led by LeBron and Anthony Davis.

“I’m very optimistic about the restart and our performance from the All-Star break to the conference finals. We have a solid structure, We have such a fate. A lot of the players are already familiar with the system and I think the kids coming here will adapt pretty quickly,” he said.

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LeBron also admitted that the incident involved his son Bronny, who suffered Cardiac arrest on July 24, This had a profound impact on him

Tests revealed that Brownie had a heart defect “anatomically and functionally important” but treatable.

“Brownie is fine and he has started his recovery process Rehabilitation will return to competition this year and his companions. His operation was successful and our family was very moved. We gave him strength along the way and we’re excited to see where he is now. “

James further confirms his interest Participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics next summer. “I’m interested, we’ll see what happens. To The physical level I will see at the end of the season. But I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of wear and tear and we’ll see what happens,” he said.

Of course, LeBron admits He doesn’t know if this campaign will be the last of his career. “I don’t know, I don’t know if this is my last season. I’m happy and excited at this moment. Don’t know what the end of the journey will look like, and I don’t know end of season He admits.

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