LeBron joins Dream Team’s first great rival

YesI knew it intuitively, but Victor Wembanyama has not been confirmed for next year’s Olympics so far.

Crash france team in the recent world the fact is Paris hosts Olympic Games These are two important reasons.

The French Center will be one of the most eye-catching attractions and has a clear goal: “Nothing but gold”.

19-year-old 2.26-meter prodigy The documentary “Un1que”, which shows his final season in the French league with Mets 92, is shown on Canal Plus.there he promises “It would be a great story to be successful at the Olympics. Of course I will be there”.

Wembanyama, the Dream Team’s first confirmed threat

Wembanyama, the first pick in the last draft He was drafted by the Spurs and commemorated an era in the NBA as LeBron James’ first confirmed threat for the Dream Team.

After defeating the United States in the World Cup, They missed the podium and finished fourth.they hope to form an excellent team: Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum… There will be “Wemby” in front of them.

French Tower also talks about His team’s poor performance at the World Cuphe couldn’t even pass the first stage.

“I saw it and very disappointing. However, I’m not worried. I’m not judging, he’s not in the team, he’s in the hands of top players.I think “It doesn’t change the chances of doing big things in Paris next year.”he said he was motivated.

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