Ledesma’s striking comment on two journalists

Almost seven hours had already passed since a match whose result went down in history for having been the worst win against Los Pumas in favor of Ireland, a 53-7 in Dublin that closed the tour of the selected team in a negative year for the team.

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Just three victories (against a Wales without the main figures, and the weak Romania and Italy) a draw (against the Welsh) and eight defeats are the balance of a worrying 2021 for those led by Mario Ledesma, whose position, as this newspaper found out, is not in doubt because, according to the contract that links him with the UAR until the end of the year, the objectives were met (no one ever explained what they were), with which the link is automatically extended.

The Pumas suffered their eighth loss of the year.

The Pumas suffered their eighth loss of the year.

The idea is that Ledesma continue until the 2023 World Cup, the second with him in command, after having been in Japan 2019, when Los Pumas were out in the first round, something that had not happened to them since Australia 2003. Then there were even two semi-finals, in 2007 and 2015.

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The post-defeat press conference against Ireland allowed access to Argentine journalists remotely for 5 minutes after questions from the local press. In that period, four chroniclers asked DT about its continuity, which the DT described as “bad taste.”

“I do not seem to talk about it now and less in this context, in a press conference after a game. In that case, if the leaders raise something to me, we will see it,” said Ledesma. The DT also denied that the contract and spoke of objectives achieved, without clarifying what these were. Uncomfortable, he added: “It seems to me that this is not the time to talk about the contract, we are more to talk about rugby. I don’t know how many people are interested in how long my contract lasts or what goals it has. If it has objectives and they were met, if the leaders decide to make a decision tomorrow is part of the job. “

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After 5 minutes the conference ended and the zoom was disabled. Then, without the Argentine journalists being able to listen, the DT made a comment to Montoya while the local TV continued recording: “These … (giving the hooker footing)”, and Montoya replied “they appeared now.” Ledesma repeats the phrase and names Alejo Miranda, from La Nación, and Sergio Stuart, from Ole, and then get up to greet the local press and leave.

Why did you make that comment? Did you know they were recording it and it was going to be broadcast? Do youHe was bothered by the questions from journalists who have regularly covered Los Pumas for years?

Answers he will have, but which are much less important than the ones he needs to answer about equipment malfunction and heading, above all to find a path that will lead him successfully to the 2023 World Cup in France and not be eliminated prematurely again.

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