Legend Oliver Kahn also comes to Lionel Messi’s defense following Louis van Gaal’s accusations – Fox Sports

former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn come out to defend Lionel Messi After making controversial remarks Louis van Gaal against Argentina and albiceleste world champion

Specifically, the German talked about the always controversial personality of the Dutch technical director, as well as the South American team’s attitude on the field during international breaks, especially in that match that awarded the Dutch team a second ticket. semifinals.

“I know van Gaal Sometimes he talks a lot.Maybe you encountered some problems Messi.i saw the game Argentina inside world For me, it’s incredible to see a team fight hard and give everything they have Messi is the world champion,” said the former Bayern Munich.

Virgil van Dijk also backed Lionel Messi after Van Gaal’s comments

Virgil van Dijk the captain Netherlands national team, flatly refuse Allegations from his former coach about what he called ‘weaving and dealing’ Argentina will conquer world cup.

“Of course, it’s his opinion and he’s free to express it like anyone else, but I don’t agree with it at all,” the defender declared. liverpool.

What does Louis van Gaal say about Messi and the Argentina national team?

Louis van GaalSelector Netherlands During this period world of Qatar 2022, He hinted Argentina had help during the match Because of interest in the team Lionel Messi will win the championship.

“Look how he scores. ArgentinaThe experienced strategist declared: “How we scored and how some Argentinian players crossed the line without being sanctioned, I think it was all premeditated.” to Dutch chain store Nus.

When asked if the word “premeditated” means that everything possible has been done so that albiceleste was declared world champion, van Gaal He replied in a sarcastic tone.

“should Messi Become a world champion? “I think so,” he concluded.

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