Legionella outbreak in Poland kills 11

A Legionella Outbreak The disease has killed 11 people in Poland’s eastern Carpathian province, health authorities reported on Monday, although cases have also been detected in other provinces of the country.

Adam Sidor, Health Inspector of the Carpathian Province, said at a press conference, 144 infections Since the first case was detected on August 17 last year, 11 people aged 64 to 95 who had a history of the disease have died.

“The source of infection is being looked for. Currently, we are considering Legionella contamination Hot and cold water networkHe announced, adding that 103 water samples had been collected and analyzed in the provincial capital Rzeszow. Of those currently infected, 19 are still hospitalized at the Carpathian Center for Respiratory Diseases and 10 others at the University Clinical Hospital of the province.

Three patients are in intensive care and the rest are in stable condition.Over the weekend, the City Water Company conducted Cleaning of the piping system In Rzeszow, the dose of chlorine in the facility was increased preventatively to try to kill bacteria.

In other provinces, such as Greater Poland Voivodeship (west) and Lesser Poland Voivodeship (southern), isolated cases have also been reported in recent days, but currently health authority Regional authorities ensure that these events do not erupt.

Also known as Legionnaires’ disease, it is a pneumonia caused by bacteria’Legionella“, which reproduces in hot water and can spread through the plumbing system under favorable conditions, but not from person to person.

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